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RE: THE DIARY GAME : 01.08.2020 -02.08.2020 "Live long and prosper!"

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Her @alisawonder. Great to know about your interest in java programming. I'm currently teaching myself python programming. It is quite user friendly and precise especially for beginners.

I see you're also doing a lot of algorithms which entail lot of maths and calculations, limits and all the extra goodies. You must be a genius or something. I should learn so algo's from you. Will you teach me?

Tiktok is also quite fun. I decided to join the don't leave me challenge and got sucked in, thats when I deleted it as it consumed most of my time. Hahahaha. Great ways to spent your day.


Hahahaha, I like python also. It's my first programming language. I am trying to do tiktoks about computer science and my life in Spain, so, I mostly like content creator there, so it's not time consuming for me (I am watching only interesting tiktoks, not just dancing and challenges). Thank you for your comment!