THE DIARY GAME : 05/08/2020 : A Day in the Flooded Area.

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I hope you're having a great day.

You remember me saying about a place called Nolam where we visited someday before for boat ride?
That place... it's flooded.

The relatives there invited us for Eid festival and I was busy with other peoples so I went there late.

I already heard that those places has been flooded but I didn't know how bad it was.

So... together I and my wife went to that place.


The weather was too hot and the sun was like throwing fireballs so we had to use an umbrella while riding on a rickshaw.

First we went to Ghorapir Mazar, the place where I studied for five years.
Bought some fruits and I was waiting for a rickshaw.
Many rickshaws passed by but no one wished to go to Nolam.
Maybe because of the floodwater.

Then after waiting for a moment, we got one rickshaw to ride and we rode directly towards Nolam.

When I reached a certain place, there was the old man from the relatives family waiting for us with a boat.


This is the road what we used to pass by walking or by rickshaw but this time we had to use boat.
Although the water is not that high but it could wet our pants and shoes so we had to use a boat.

There was only one boat for lots of peoples.
As our relative already booked him for us so we didn't need to wait for much longer.
Suddenly I saw a friend (classmate from school) who works in a hotel in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh at present.
I was happy to see him after a long time period.

We talked a little and...


After walking a little on the water... we hopped on the boat.
It was a very tiny ride like... from this end to that end.

My wife was seated on the boat but I didn't.
The sun was torching on us with nice heat.


How's this photo?
A young boy was riding a boat to give a lift to his relative as it seemed.
My wife was saying that she'd draw this one.

Then we left that boat after a moment and walked a little.
We had a big flooded area to pass by boat.

We got on another boat which was bigger than the previous one and there was my friend also in the boat as his place is beside the place where we were heading.



This whole place was flooded.
There were walkable roads and we mostly used rickshaws there and this place is now like a river.

Then when we reached the place... I was kinda starving.
So we had our lunch after we reached the place... didn't wait much longer.

Then I had a nice sleep and I dreamt too, it was a nice dream.
After I woke up from my sleep... I went outside, got freshen up, and talked with relatives.
There came the afternoon.

I wished to leave the place and reach my place before evening.
But our only ride from that place was a boat and we couldn't find a boat there in time.

We waited there for a long time and then we've found a boat and we were around 10 peoples in the boat.

Suddenly we understood that there were water coming into the boat.


Some of us got frightened and I tried to manipulate them by saying other things so that they can keep themselves calm.

A man was throwing off waters and the boat rider was riding the boat fast cause we were about to get into a very bad situation if the boat gets drowned.


Then we could successfully reached the other side of the river/floodwater.
It was evening at that time and it was getting darker.

We had to pass a forest and we were kinda frightened when passing the forest.

Then I and my wife went to my mother's place and we were there for a moment.
Then we left that place and came to my place.

Then the usual thing (prayer, dinner etc).

The day went like this.

"The End"

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"


Why is the flooding there is it from rain?

We have loads of rain at the moment but it is Winter here- good to hear you keep people from panicking while the boat was leaking

Great post thanks for sharing

Hey thanks for your comment.
The flood was for heavy rain and a river beside that area got risen.

I tried my best there.
Thanks for noticing that as well.

It's like this year the flood situation of capital is more worse comparing to the past few years,

Thanks for sharing your diary with us,

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