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I went to the hospital for an examination.



The inspection schedule has been decided for some time. It's not a serious condition, but I needed an MRI scan and I booked. University hospitals are crowded anyway.


わたしはCTスキャンの経験があり、すっかしそれとと取り違えていたのですが、全く違う検査でした。MRI装置を使用した血管撮像 (MR Angiography)のことで、被爆はありません。しかし、狭い密閉された場所に20分ほどじっとしていなければならず、大きな音もするので、恐怖を感じる人はいるとのことでした。

I had experience with CT scans, and I was mistaken for it, but MRI was a completely different test.
It is MR Angiography using an MRI device, and there is no exposure. However, some people were afraid because they had to stay still in a narrow and sealed place for about 20 minutes and made a loud noise.



After finishing the reception and blood pressure measurement, I was reading an e-book on my Kindle in the waiting room. At first, I could hear the conversations of various people visiting the inspection, but I was completely absorbed in the contents of the book and forgot that the time had passed.


Suddenly, no one was around. The time is before 17:00. It's been an hour and a half since I started waiting.




A staff member asked, "May I help you?" I gave her the paper ,then she hurriedly left and came back soon. Apparently I was skipped. She apologized to me many times. But I was obsessed with books and forgot about the passage of time. I also had a good time reading, so I did not mind.
In addition, all the staff said sorry in the laboratory. Even the staff at the reception who made a mistake came to apologize. What a nice hospital!



I take off all the heat-generating things (including the cloth that generates heat), change into an inspection gown, and I go inside the tubular machine. My body was tightly fixed and told not to move as much as possible. If my body shakes, the image will be ruined.


Place your arms on the epigastrium, hold the "emergency button" that I press when I panic, and hang a towel on it. I also put on headphones to prevent "sound". Finally, the situation is like a scene from a science fiction movie.



When my body slipped into the "cylinder", I thought, "This may be bad." Actually, I'm not good at narrow spaces. Moreover, the body is fixed, stuffy, and it is "noisy" when it starts to make a sound like hitting metal. To avoid panic, I have to escape from reality and manage to endure 20 minutes.


First, I found out why I was suffocating. Because I usually use my nose instead of my mouth for normal breathing, as when I do yoga. So I opened my mouth wide. It's okay because no one is watching. This cleared the problem of suffocation.



Next, I decided to put into practice what was written in the book I had been reading. The book was very thought-provoking, as if it were similar to Buddha's teachings (the original teachings of Buddha, which is a little different from the Buddhism that is widespread in modern Japan).


印象に残ったのが「ありがとう(”Arigatou” = Thank you.)」という言葉のもつパワーです。感謝を伝えることはもちろん大事ですが、”Arigatou”という言葉の音にも重要な意味合いがあり、それを声に出し、あらゆるものに感謝する。”Arigatou”の回数は多いほうがよいと。なるほど、OK。

What impressed me was the power of the word "Arigatou" = Thank you. It's important to say thank you, of course, but the sound of the word "Arigatou" also has important implications, and I say it out loud and thank everything. The more times you "Arigatou", the better. I see, OK.



I first focused on my toes and said "Arigatou" to my toes. Since it was a big deal, I praised it by mentioning the good points of my toes. Next, nails, fingers, soles, ankles ... I thought of my body parts in the same way, praised them, and said "Arigatou", and my heart gradually calmed down.
It feels good. And I thought that there were so many parts of my body and how I ignored them and lived.


Now that I've finished my body parts, I decided to say "Arigatou" to my place. Doorknobs, keys, doors, granite at the entrance ... . I reproduced it as concretely as possible, talked about my memories with them, and said "Arigatou".


When I finished the entrance and the living room and said "Arigatou" to the things in the bedroom ... I heard the door open in the distance and the inspection table moved. The shooting is over.
(I completed the "Arigatou" ritual while I was waiting for the checkout.)



I was so focused on "Arigatou" that I don't remember what the inside of the machine looked like at all. However, it was quite meaningful as a rare way of spending time, having to stand still in the machine for 20 minutes.


改めて、”Arigatou”! そして、礼儀正しい病院のスタッフのみなさんにも感謝を。

I reaffirmed that I am basically healthy and have a wonderful body (I have to undergo an MRI examination, but on the contrary, there are overwhelmingly healthy parts). And for the first time I was able to thank the details of my favorite home.
Once again, "Arigatou"! And thank you to all the polite hospital staff.


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