Cheers Termite! I wouldntve even made the song without your Jam keepin me writing every week man!!
The prize money defs contributed to the camera I used to film it too man! Thanks!

haha!! Nice!!! This steem 'money' doesnt seem real to me. Ive never used it to actualy get anything. To be honest this whole cryptocurrency thing has been a massive learning curve this last couple o months!!! between you and me (and the rest of the world) ... I still dont get it!! but then I dont get real money either!! haha!! RESPECT!!!!! when we doing the willyG/Termite album then!!!!!!?? haha. want me to email you some beeeeaaats!????

Haha Ive been buying away at shit , as you know from my videos lol It feels good to have stuff that you can say, My rap skills bought me this shit, its awesome ! haha
A willy G Termite album sounds badass man, defs email me some beats! I love writing to your beats man, they just inspire me !

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