Our first monthly raffle delivers 8,322 SPHR to a lucky user!

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   Our first monthly raffle of 8.322 SPHR awards the prize to a lucky user.

   As you know, a monthly raffle is held and is completely free for those who have a minimum of 2,500 SPHR; all you have to do to participate is leave a comment, showing your participatory will, in the channel dedicated to the raffle in our Discord server.

   And that is exactly what our lucky one this month, @qwerrie, did: to submitt in writing his participation in said channel:

   Already our dear @marpa was responsible for putting the Sphere logo as a reaction, indicating that he was added to the official list of the monthly draw.

   And only a few days later...:


   We look forward to continuing to make people happy and helping the community, with many more raffles like this one.

   By the way, what are you waiting for? Our second draw is already active!

   Remember that to access all the updated information of our project we recommend you visit both our website and our Discord server..


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Happy times

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