The Budget Challenge: 25 SBD Pool Rewards

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There are numerous contests or challenges here on Steemit that became very successful since they create that excitement for self-improvement and skill development for our fellow Steemians.

Some of which are still running up to now such as #sevendaybnwchallenge #collorchallenge #openmic #memechallenge and other challenges related to Arts, Photography, Life, Music, etc. Recently, @maverickinvictus“A 2018 Vision Board Contest” really made a blast at the beginning days of this year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join the contest since I have already written a post related to it, but I encouraged my friends to participate on the said challenge. I can feel how excited they were while creating those Vision Boards.

After posting an article on how I manage my personal budget, I was thinking of having a contest as well since I believe asking “How about you’s” isn’t enough to encourage my fellows to start having or enhancing their budget plans. Those 2018 Vision Boards surely entails financial necessities and I think having a budget plan is one of the best ways to realize those visions. Will this challenge excite the Steemians as well? I hope so.


I have posted countless finance-related articles lately. But this time, I want to bring it up to a higher level. I am initiating this #thebudgetchallenge which is very far from the challenges you guys are familiar with. This is basically a finance-related challenge that could aid our fellow Steemians with their financial growth, and I am planning to do this often, maybe once a week.

Are you ready for the first ever #thebudgetchallenge?

#thebudgetchallenge No. 1: “The Budget Plan”

“Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”.png

This is my previously-made article about my personal budget plan entitled “What Is Your Budget Principle?”


I have shared my Personal Budgeting Principle with their respective budget allocations.

know your income.png



I have also shared how I managed to attain my budget principle while keeping track of my target and actual expenses.

For this challenge, I want you to create your own budget plan.


  • Whether you’re a working professional, a full-time Steemian, a home-based worker, a businessman, or even a student; as long as you’re earning, then you can participate in this challenge.

Challenge Guidelines:

  • Include “The Budget Challenge” in your title.
  • Create your own budget plan. You can present your existing or newly-created budget plan.
  • Feel free to choose a timeframe of your budget plan (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly)
  • Include a brief explanation on how you came up with such plan.
  • You can include graphs, pie charts, pictures, excel screenshots, or even budgeting apps that you are currently using.
  • Use #thebudgetchallenge as your first tag.
  • Comment the link of your Budget Plan post below.
  • You have seven days to submit your entry until this post’s payout.

Challenge Criteria:

  • The budget plan’s content
  • Special budget inclusions (i.e, travel fund, romantic date budget allocation)
  • Uniqueness
  • Used graphics

Challenge’s Prizes:

  • First Prize: 7 SBD
  • Second Prize: 5 SBD
  • Third Prize: 3 SBD
  • The other entries will be given gratitude rewards. 10 SBD will be split equally. Thanks to @dreamiely for sharing her blessings for this cause :D

Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do.

-Tom Ziglar

I hope having this initiative will encourage you, my fellow Steemians, to take your finance budgeting seriously. I am positively looking forward for your continuous application of this financial journey even after joining this contest for I believe the biggest challenge is not creating a budget plan nor having a budget principle, but the consistency of sticking with it.

I am looking forward to see your entries!



Yes pasok pa po :D Thank you so much for participating! Winners will be announced hours from now :)

nag hinay2 na ka ug compute sa score namo she? hehe good luck

Lodi, pls check my entry here.

Yay thanks for taking part in this challenge ser!

feel nako wa nay chance hahaha

This is amazing. Unique contest. Yes we have a lot of dreams and goals here in steemit. some financial problem is not about how to earn but how to keep and spending money wisely.


i couldnt agree more :) I'll be looking forward for your entry ;)

Great initiative! I've always expressed my belief also that financial freedom is not just attained by the money that comes in, in most cases the deal breaker is how much money comes out. One can earn a million dollars in a month and still be left with nothing the month after is expenditures is over a million on the same month.

Supporting this! I'll throw in 5 sbd (not much) to the prize pool, for your sole discretion on usage. ^_^

5 sbd sent!

Oh myyyy thank youuuu so much @dreamiely for the support!!! This will surely go a looong way! Thank youuuuu <3

Hi @smaeunabs master sheilamazing. Please see my entry.
I am not master as you shei, if you have comment to improve more my budget strategy it would be much appreciated. hehhehe..

Wooow thanks ate! Will check it later :D

I want to join the challenge @smaeunabs

Yes apil ate! :D

Count me in but unja na ky wa pa koy tog. Haha...

This is a good opportunity to influence and be influenced by other budgetting styles.

yay I will look forward to that @luigienius! :D

@smaeunabs I am not good in presentation but count me in..

yaaay huwat ko ana ate thankss :D

@smaeunabs pwede mogamit ug powerpoint hehehe.

This idea is great! For sure many will participate in this #thebudgetchallenge

I will be looking forward for your entry too! thank you soo much <3

Wowthis contest is perfect for me, count me in :)

I'll be looking forward to it. Thank you <3

WOOOW thank you so much! I'm gonna check it now :D

My greatest desire was to be in a sandbox with Kevin Kline or Kenneth Branagh - to be with the people I admired - and I have.

Just be true to your craft and success will follow :D Thank you so much @mwkthang for dropping by!

From Sheilanatics Laguna Chapter, mabuhay ka po, madam!

hahahahaha thank you po kuya @zeppelin! Paki hi ako sa mga fans kong manok jan hahahaha

I need to fix my PC as soon as possible.
This contest must not pass me by.

Aw sorry to hear that. I hope you'll be able to join soon. Thank youu! :D

Thanks for your concern. I will try to join. I am using my phone for now.
Unfortunately, I can't draw those charts with it.

You can just draw it on a paper and take a shot of it :D

I am looking forward to your entry @emjoe! :D

Ok, that's a nice idea. Thanks for the consideration.

Don't mention it @emjoe ;)

Indeed, this is one unique challenge @smaeunabs! Wohooo!!! <3

Apil man ha! kung ikaw ra usa imoha 20SBD HAHAHAH

Hahahaha amazing! I would use it to pay tuition fee 💪💪💪

hahahhahaha skwela ka balik?

Sa ako manghud na nga tuition fee @smaeunabs hihihi

Wooow how sweet :3 looking forward to your entry man! :*

This is great, @smaeunabs! Count me in 😁

Yay! I will be looking forward to your entry @thegaillery! Thank you sooo much <3

Enjoy the vote and reward!

I love this initiative! Another challenge that could add value to steem. Good luck to those who will participate!

I'm not sure if I can join this because I'm impulsive. While I keep track of my expenses, I don't like the idea of constricting myself on a particular budget scheme. Haha.

Thank youuuu @ybanezkim26!

I am also an impulsive buyer sometimes hahahaha shhhh

This one's so nice! I will definitely join... <3 Grabe @smaeunabs, amaziiiing kay ka! :*

yeeeey join niks ha! malay mo pang apat ka! HAHAHAHA

can i use pen and paper to create my budget plan? or dapat digital tools talaga?

im excited for this :)

It is entirely okay to take a shot of your budget plan after drawing it on a piece of paper :D I am considering all types of visuals :D

Yay! I will be looking forward to that! thank yoouuu <3

Yay! Thank you 😊😍

You are most welcome!!! I will be looking forward to your entry :D

Hala, I have to join to this one. hahaha

bring it on ser @fojrance!!

I know I'm meant to lose in this competition but I'll still give it a try! hahaha. Who knows this would lead me to a financial status I never have tried! Thank you for the opportunity @smaeunabs !

yay walay ma lose ani daog tanan HAHAHA