The Best Photo of The Week - Phuket

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In the last years I have flown, driven and walked in many beautiful locations. I thought I'd share some interesting tips. Ask people to be part of your photos: landscape photos can be stunning and beautifully composed because of the emotion that people can bring to your photos. The interaction that people have with those around them, makes photography attractive to others.
Take pictures for fun: photographers are generally caught capturing the "perfect photo" and sometimes forget the power of photography. In addition to composing beautiful photos and looking for an image that you can show to all your friends and family, be sure to take a few photos just for you. Pack smart: We all know how heavy our luggage is with the camera, lenses and lenses we use. For walking, you can use a backpack in which to pack strictly what you need, to travel easier and safer.
Put the camera down: This last piece of advice is one of the most difficult lessons I have had to learn. It's hard to set up the camera in a new place. There are so many new things and opportunities to be captured and distributed to people, that often you do not have time to capture those landscapes with the naked eye and enjoy them. I remember countless times when I went on a beautiful trip or to the beach with friends that I did not have time to really be there with them. The moment I edited the photos on the computer I realized that I had not experienced anything in that place. I think that's what differentiates a good photographer from an exceptional one, to be able to understand what that place offers compared to just what it looks like.

Cannon EOS 5D Mark III
31mm ƒ/10 1/125s ISO 200
2016 Phuket, Thailand.

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