You Are H.O.P.E. Valentine's Fundraiser #1

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Aww YAH!

Hopefully, everyone still has retained some of that giving spirit! What better time to spread the love around Steemit than around Valentine's Day? For the next three Thursdays this month (including today), we will be doing a fundraiser for our fabulous charity group here on Steemit - You Are H.O.P.E. So, what we would appreciate that everyone do is spare us one 100% upvote on this post this week. All the SBD generated from these will be sent to @youarehope for them to use as they see fit. It doesn't matter if you're part of the family or not, help us show and spread some love!


One of #thealliance witnesses, @sircork, has been utilizing Steemit and the STEEM blockchain in a most commendable way. It's with a community he heads up called @youarehope. You Are H.O.P.E. (Help-Opportunity-Purpose-Empowerment) is a charitable organization using the speed and scalability of what this platform can become. They are very transparent in their actions and we, in turn, have no qualms sending them our dividends from these Steemit posts. They have aided the disaster area of Puerto Rico with the help of fellow ally, @nichi. Down in Venezuela, @malos10 has been feeding and providing medicine to those less fortunate including hospital residents and orphanages. @youarehope is doing work in Nigeria as well, with food, clothing, shoes, and just spreading the good Steemit word with the help of great Steempeeps like @misterakpan. And, @sircork himself, is about to go on a multi-national tour to promote the cause and meet with Steempeeps across the world.

How Else Can You Help?

What else can you do to help @youarehope?! One thing you can do is simply just send some of your hard earned SBD or STEEM to @youarehope! Donations are always appreciated. You can tap that slider to a full 100% down there! You could even go as far as delegating some of your Steem Power to @youarehope. Feel free to join our discord channel and just get involved! Whatever you can do, we thank you.

Keep Going...

Now, we know not everyone can simply send a hundred STEEM or SBD to @youarehope. That's why we're asking you vote this post with as much strength as you possibly can and resteem it so everyone in the Steemit ocean can do the same. Even if you don't celebrate Valentine's Day or have any affiliation with St. Valentine, surely you can find it in your heart to tap that upvote. To make it interesting, #thealliance will do a call-out publication featuring all the fabulous donors that voted 100% to the cause each week. Thank you, and may the love spread like a wildfire!

Thought this was fitting:


One look at love and you may see
It weaves a web over mystery,
All ravelled threads can rend apart
For hope has a place in the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in a lover's heart.
Whispering world, a sigh of sighs,
The ebb and the flow of the ocean tides.
One breath, one word may end or may start
A hope in a place of the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in a lover's heart.
Look to love you may dream,
And if it should leave then give it wings.
But if such a love is meant to be;
Hope is home, and the heart is free
Under the heavens we journey far,
On roads of life we're the wanderers,
So let love rise, so let love depart,
Let hope have a place in the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in a lover's heart.
Look to love and you may dream,
And if it should leave then give it wings.
But if such a love is meant to be;
Hope is home, and the heart is free.
Hope is home, and the heart is free.

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Thank you bro, as always! So much love for #TheAlliance!

YAH and TheAlliance have proven to be such a wonderful dynamic duo

@enginewitty IS BATMAN

We got your back Sir Plankork!

I love this. Time to keep the HOPE burning with my little SBDs. 🙈

Proud of both the YouAreHope and Alliance Fams, happy to give a full upvote and I like to see who else does :)

Thank you sweets, last one we did we raised over a thousand dollars total so 'hope' we can get at least half of that the next few weeks. :)

Yeay! I love this kind of thing 😊 great initiative.
And you know I'm all in... Lol
Love 💕

Thanks doll, spreading around the love - HUGS!

With a family like this impossible not to 😉

Wonderful to wake up to this post. Thank you to @thealliance and @sircork, and all who participate in @youarehope. Playing this sweet song by Enya and enjoying the message and soft sound this morning. Happy to help as I can. May this initiative provide hope and help to those in need. Brightest blessings to everyone involved!

Thank you! It is a very good song, most enjoyable indeed.

Thank you so much @enginewitty and #TheAlliance. We are all so grateful for the fundraisers you run so well for the people of the world, through our human Steemitizen conduit to the people in need on the ground all over the world!

Least we can do for such a noble cause. Wish every Steempeep would throw a 100% at it so you guys could make a real big dent!

100% agreed

Love helping out the @youarehope cause! Upv & Rsd💯

Thank you sweets!

be the change you want to see in the world

This is a great initiative. We need more such things which will help people in need. Good that cryptocurrency is being used to help people in real life. Keep up the H.O.P.E ! Happy Steeming!

You are Hope. Always. Tip

Upped and Steemed Tip!

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great post, beautiful song!

Well deserving 100% Upvote! What a great way to share the love!

One of my favorite Enya recordings!!

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 4.44% vote... I was summoned by @saffisara! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Thank you @saffisara!

excelente amigo ya en víspera del gran día. excelente su post, vine del discord de VOTU para votar y me encuentro un agradable contenido.