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What Is A #Witness?

A witness for the #STEEM blockchain does one major thing that has to be supported. They secure and acknowledge all the activity that happens on the #blockchain. What does that mean? It means they run what's called a server, to help efficiently process all the blocks that are confirmed. Within each block is information that can consist of anything from someone's comment, someone's edit of a comment, a post, a resteem, a post reward, pretty much anything you can think of that happens on #Steemit and its many cousins (@partiko, #Steempeak, #ULOGS, etc.), is recorded and publicly stored by witnesses on and for the blockchain.

Vote #Witnesses You Trust

You can find a list of all the witnesses on a site called Steemian that was built by another witness, @drakos. We strongly urge anyone that is here and wants the chain to keep getting better and better, to go to that list and do a little research. There may be some names you recognize and didn't know were witnesses! The best suggestion I can give is get to know your witnesses and let them know you're here, supporting the blockchain by voting and engaging with others. Here are the ones @thealliance votes for:


A multi-faceted mad hatter, this guy seems to be plugged in to just about everything. Maybe his name is Jeb, and he's related to the Lawnmower Man. His baby, @thealliance, is nurtured and cared for like a perennial flower garden. Beauty is where you find it, he says. He does what he can to help serious STeeMPeePS across the board and believes heavily that community will be the triumphant wild card that allows the STEEM blockchain to pull ahead of the rest in this marathon of blockchains. Helping others is its own reward and this guy, kinda likes to help. Talkative S.O.B. too, even has several 'radio shows' where he is 'all kinds of not shut up', 😜


Hailing from London near another of our family's witnesses, is a seasoned steempeep, @ura-soul. He is the man behind Steem Ocean, where you can see how you rank with some of the top engagers on the chain. Did you know he ran a social network too? It's called 'Ureka'. Go check it out. Brilliant mind behind the glass with this guy and to top it off, he is a musician in his spare time! Real cat, get to know him a bit!


@guiltyparties is most widely known for his support of the veterans' culture and the #steemsilvergold communities here on Steemit. What a lot of people don't know, is he has also been working tirelessly with @Steemcleaners and several other 'parties' to help eliminate the spam, hacking, and phishing that tries to weasel its way into our waters. His most recent revamp of the Steemit welcome page is very much appreciated in addition to his dedication to keeping the chain litter free.


Ah yes, the bubbly huggie lovely Vegan sweetheart. Hailing from Canada, SHE is a native Indonesian and looks forward to helping Steemit grow exponentially over there. I dare say, vegan or not, you will absolutely be hungering for more of her delicious posts topped with good family fun and entertainment upon your arrival. She has been out here swimming with us for quite some time and has taken it upon herself to search out new steempeeps and help give them a welcoming experience to the blockchain in hopes for better retention. Good on ya TK :)

@c0ff33a (+ @derangedvisions)

Another of our family to recently join the witness security, is this guy. You've probably seen his face around as he seems to be everywhere. Truly, a master of the engagement arts. So much, in fact, he is the 'Coolest Coffee' around. A decision was made to team up with @derangedvisions and so far has proven to be fruitful. Wes (Deranged) is also a community oriented Steempeep and hosts a few photography contests. The main thing is that they both love this blockchain and want to see it progress. This witness tandem is commonly referred to as the 'Deranged Coffee Witness' LOL!


Another of our family members that has glued himself to the blockchain is @jackmiller. Jack has risen fast in the witness rankings because he cares quite a bit and makes sure he is heard. Many people know him from promotions and dealings with his fellow Aussies. He's not about the bullshit and even does a podcast on it regularly called the 'no bull' podcast. He is also a supporter of #steemchurch and their faithful initiatives. If you have the 'balls' to talk to him, you can bet it won't be sugar coated.


Similar to @thealliance in their helpful mannerisms, this witness team includes a few family members like @carrieallen and @isaria. We have many crossover members in both communities and so it just makes sense to support their witness by giving them our meager vote. Are you a helpienaut?


@adsactly has been the strongest and one of the most consistent supporters of @thealliance since its conception. With the recent merger of the two communities and so many multiple members in both groups, we have gladly retained them on our witness list and can even now call them family. Feel free to jump in their server and mingle with some new decentralized faces! Tell 'em Witty sent ya!

Other Witnesses supported by #thealliance

Thank You

To everyone, family or otherwise, that have taken the time to read this and learn a little about #thealliance witnesses. We are all in agreement that this blockchain is the best thing to happen since cheese on pizza. Well, almost. LOL! But really, even if you don't support any of ours, get out and vote for ones you do like if you care about the future of STEEM. Let it be known - We Care.


"A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family."

~ @bluefinstudios ~
"Far from a circle, we are a unit."
~ @grow-pro ~

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Maybe his name is Jeb, and he's related to the Lawnmower Man.

I could believe that.


Believe it all!

probably a good time to remind everyone that the next Witness Chat is in The Ramble on April 17th at 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC


Ah, yes, coming soon everyone!

boy. so much going on! and I have no idea how Jeb, the lawnmower man is doing all he is doing... I am falling behind on everything!!!!


We have to pick you up and help you yo the finish line, no one gets left behind :)


thank you :) As long as I get to Colorado on time.... LOL

Wow, there’s lots of great info here! I have officially hit my witness voting limit at last. One question. I clicked over to the @dstors account from the link above, as I couldn’t remember hearing much about them recently, and they seem to have shut down. Is that true?

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Holy crap good catch, edited. Yes, they have since been shut down and I believe @dcommerce has come about.


Oh good. As long as I’m not the crazy one. 😂

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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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We have an awesome selection of #thealliance Witnesses - all working hard in their own special ways to drive Steem forward.

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