👽ATTENTION ALL ALLIANCE MEMBERS👾 (and Anyone Curious About Curation Trails)

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Supporting The Family

I am strongly encouraging people to get on the curation trail we have set up on Steem Auto. This way, when you may miss one of our kin's great posts, you can still show your love for them. I know it may be a new concept for people and we are always learning new ways to go about this whole STeeMiNG oN thing. I even learned a few new things about Steem Auto today! Let me tell you about some of them and their reference to our curation trail.

The Way I Understand It

It is not as simple as just putting a percentage in and saying ya I'll follow these guys' votes. There are actually multiple ways you can follow our trail. As Steem Auto grows and makes it's changes, so must we adapt to those changes. It wasn't even working earlier this week, so I am glad they have ironed everything out. There are three main points I want to get across and their impacts:

1) Variations of Trails

2) Fanbase

3) Manual Curation

2 Ways to Follow

One is called FIXED and the other is called SCALED. A fixed follow vote means that regardless what percentage the vote weight is I give someone, your vote will always be 'fixed' at a certain percentage. If you go this route, I average roughly 200 votes per day so somewhere in the range of 2-10% depending on how much you do in manual curation, should keep you above 80% VP (voting power). 'Scaled' voting (is what I recommend) is where you vote a percentage of my vote. If you 'scaled' your vote at 100%, you would stay comfortably within the 80-90% VP range and have plenty to still hand out some other 100% upvotes to various people. Those that do a LOT of manual curation, I suggest starting at around 50% and adjust it as you feel necessary.


This is different than following someone else's votes. This is the same thing as an autovoter. If you become someone's fan, you can dictate a voting weight that you choose to vote on that specific person/account every time they make a post. Great way not to miss someone you love that isn't a family member!

Manual Curation

What the heck is that anyway? It's when you, yourself, actually tap that arrow to reward them for their efforts and decide (if you have 500 SP and a slider) how much of your vote you want to give them. We have several heavy and talented manual curators in our family and I learned that if you are on the trail, and you vote manually prior to me, Steem Auto will NOT remove your manual curation vote.

In Conclusion

The reason this was brought up is I was noticing quite a few iddy bitty tiny votes that didn't really do much for anyone. Almost like a 'nice post' comment, right? I'm guessing they scaled their votes thinking they were setting a fixed rate or vice versa. Mistakes happen, it's called learning. So, please, take the time to GO TO STEEM AUTO BY CLICKING HERE and make sure you have yours set to where it is (preferably scaled) at a decent percentage.

Anyone can follow the trail!
Earn GREAT curation rewards!
Tap/Click here to follow #thealliance.
STeeM oN Everyone...remember...
Just keep swimming...
Just keep swimming...

- Witty

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Fixed was the only way to trail until recently. Scaled is now the default, even for existing (formerly fixed) trails. I found this out the other day when I started trailing @thealliance. Turns out for a few days I've been giving the @thesteemengine trail a worthless fraction of what I started them on. All is well now.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



That's why everything went all wonky and I felt had to make it a little more open knowledge. People trailing at 5% were now down to 5% of 5% which is a .25% vote. I don't wanna give anyone that, make me look like Scrooge McDuck.


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Thanks lol... im so lazy ill be honest on that one.. i have a steemvoter set up but i really need to grab my pw and set up a better trail... i think i missed it in the post but what do you reccommend for an auto trail?? Ive asked people several times but i can never remember


I personally use Steemvoter :)


So great im not too far off.. i only am allowed 10 until my sp gets higher.. so thats why ive been paying instead of delagating im trying to build as much as possible even tho im onpy transfering a few sbd at a time.. im trying to wait out the dips...


Right on, have to do the same thing :)

THANK YOU for bringing this to peoples attention!!! I do not get those 0.000 votes, what do I get from them? They do not read my post and they do not leave a financial support, so it is no-no situation. The number of upvotes under my posts does not mean a thing for me. I upvote manually, some days one people gets and some days another, but my manual upvotes are ALWAYS bigger than some peoples 0.000 lol So again, thank you. I was thinking about this for a couple of days now


YES! I'm with you, @zen-art. As much as I appreciate the idea of upvoting the entire family, I'd rather do manual curation and give people a vote that is worth more when I do get there. Not trying to belittle anyone's effort to support, because to each their own, but I'd rather know what I'm voting on and do it myself, leaving something worthwhile when I hit that vote button.

That said, I definitely don't get around to everyone. To balance this, I try to vote all of @thealliance posts at 100% (except today 'cause PYPT), and hope that helps the fam as a whole.


I hear you @katrina-ariel . It's a tough call. But I'm like you I do like to know what Iam voting for . As some may know or maybe not, I take Manuel Curation/Commenting serious. Right now I have a huge Base that I work on everyday. Alternating on some every other day. And Iam adding each and every week to my Manuel Curation/Commenting trail. And mostly adding new Alliance members that I am discovering each week.

Is it work?? Nah, not really at all. Its an creative outlet that Iam passionate about.

And I do realize working from home full time for the last 11 years that I have the flexibility of doing this. Where many Steemains have to Commute to work and put in 8 to 5 .

So I understand that and don't expect many of my fellow Steemians to be able to go the Route Iam going. I totally get it

All this being said, I have to admit with @zen-art it is a little weird seeing Upvotes with .10% allocation on Auto voter and 0.00 cent rewards on my Blog. That just doesn't help anyone because they are not making any Comments or even reading the posts.


yes...I never mind when I see the 0.000 votes - because I know that they are following a trail :) I just think that the first person in the trail did read -and the rest acknowledge!

but sometimes - the extra votes do start to generate some interest! maybe if you get enough... you can make it to the trending page! LOL

Thank you for this explanation, much I didn't know. I think it's a great thing to do but still I love the manual voting and to give comments on the posts I read it feels a little... Ehhh...
I upvote the alliance posts at 100% everytime and I know I can't get to everyone but I love to keep trying... Lol I use steem voter personally and I dunno.... 😜 mabye I'll think about this.

All set up and good to go. Not that my vote is worth much but hey, every little and all that.

thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss.. is what I was looking for!!! :)

Thank you !!!! i'll be doing it today!
hmmm. i do a LOT of manual curation. i'm not sure what would be good then! Right now I'm currently under 70% and I can't vote anymore today if I want to get back up hahahahaha

maybe I'll take a day break - and then??? not sure. anyway - thank you @enginewitty for answering my question hehehehe

I was just about to ask you what the difference is between scaled and fixed, and I saw this. Just changed my VP from 5% to 40% scaled. Thanks for the info! :)


Right on :)

I hope I can join to our curation trail once I have enough SP. By now, I do manual curation as much as I can. Thank you @enginewitty for explaining us how curation trail works, I had no idea till now!! =D

I have followed the trail for some time but realized that it drains my VP too much since i also do.lots of manual curation. I will have to manually curate fam's posts until i recover a decent vp and keep it steady.

good .. interesting

Thank you for this, its a great explanation of how the curation trail works.

I definitely need to brush up my knowledge on this!
Thanks for explaining @theslliance