♥ A Birth Announcement: Lamby and Jacob finally did it! We have a 'mini-Jacob' now! ♥

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Good morning all!!! Hope you are staying cool!

Here in south Georgia, we are dying in the heat! It has been up over 100 degrees here every day for the past week!(Seriously guys, it's the Devil's armpit down here!!)

It's been a struggle for sure, and we are doing what we can to stay cool. Getting our outside chores done in the early morning or later in the evening, playing in the pool, making sure all the animals have plenty of water and shade, we are ON it! Hopefully the heat will break soon and maybe even get some RAIN! The grass is turning crunchy and brown, which is no bueno! The less grass there is, the more hay I have to buy!

In the midst of all this heat, though, I have great news!! If you have been following the story of Lamby and Jacob, you know I have been anxiously awaiting the birth of the first lamb on our little farm!



Welcome to the world, Jacob Junior! Seriously, this little guy looks exactly like his daddy did!

The new little dude:


Jacob, as a baby:


With the exception of the white spot on his daddy's nose, they could be the same animal...

We shall see if he grows up to look like Jacob or more like his mother.


They make such a cute little family. So far, they are excellent parents.

Jacob mostly ignores his little son. He shows no aggression toward him, which is great. You have to be careful, sometimes adult males can be rather mean toward their young, but not in this case. Lamby is a fabulous mother so far. I was worried, she is a sheep of very little brain. I'm not sure she has two brain cells to rub together... She is very attentive and protective of her little cutie though, and makes sure he is with her constantly. The only issue I've had so far is that the new lamb only nurses from one side of her udder, which means I have to do something I wasn't planning on: milking a sheep. Let me tell you, it is similar to a goat, but not the same. For starters, the milking stand is apparently a very scary, very complicated contraption, to be avoided at all costs, even though there IS food involved. Like I said, she is not exactly bright... I'm sure it will work out though, eventually she will get it!








Thanks for stopping by to check out the new baby!! ♥ Isn't he precious?

Have a fabulous day everyone!


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How cool! I mean the new baby, not the temperature.

There is just about nothing cuter than a little sheep. Unless it's a little pig. Or goat. Or calf. Or a wobbly legged colt. What ever I'm currently looking at is the coolness...

Don't forget chicks, kittens, puppies, and bunnies!! Seriously, babies are the cutest! ♥

So precious! What a great addition to your farm family :) What a cutie!

That’s a tough week with those temperatures keep cool and hydrated as much as you can
Welcome to Jacob Junior he does look so like his dad
I hope you get some rain to cool things down and water the grass

Thanks for this great post and being an active member of @steemusa !tip

Thanks so much for the kind comment and the tip. :D
We are spending lots of time indoors, haha. Thank goodness for the modern miracle of air conditioning.
It did rain a little bit the other night, so that was good. Hopefully it was enough to keep the grass from dying!

Yes in those temps AC is a necessity I am sure and great you got some rain
Most welcome 👍😎😘

Congratulations @squishysquid on both the birth and this announcement post. Looks like he's a keeper and the post has been well received and rewarded.

Wow! I came back and found it was up to $50! What a surprise! Last time I looked it was around $1-2.
Thanks for stopping by, and nice to see you on here! We've missed ya! :D

Thanks, glad to have tipped you off to a nice surprise.

We definitely feel you on the heat plus humidity. But congratulations on the new one being born!

Thanks!! :D
Stay cool, friend!

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Wow, thanks so much!! ♥

Welcome to the world, Jacob Junior! He looks healthy and strong :) I'm sorry to hear that his father is ignoring him but well, this is probably how it goes in the animal world.

I hope he and his mom will stay healthy :)

Thank you for sharing these good news and congratulations on your curie vote!

Haha I was hoping his dad would ignore him. Better that than being a pushy, mean dad. ;)
His momma is giving him plenty of lovins. :D
Thanks for stopping by, and yes, the curie vote was a lovely surprise!!

hei @squishysquid, what a good news you gave us !! the little one is really the same as the father !! I'm really a nice family. did you give birth to him?

Haha I hope you mean 'did I help him be born!' :D Sounds like you want to know if he is my son!
Nope, I came out and found him on the ground already. That actually was slightly disappointing, as I had hoped to film his birth and share the video, but hey, I am SO glad he had a nice, easy birth! You just never know with first time mothers. Sometimes they have it hard.

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I totally love this post, and Jacob and Lamby. Everything about them and their new kid :)

Why does Jacob has a Human kinda name and Lamby has a lamb kinda name? Just popped up in my mind, so curious :P :)

The heat, oh gosh, gotta take care of everything, its 44 degree celsius here today in India, way too hot. How hot is there at your side?

Thanks so much!! ♥

Haha well, we just somehow called Lamby that from birth. (She was a bottle baby.) We tried other names, but they never stuck. Jacob got his name because he is 3/4 Jacob's sheep. Kinda got named after his breed. :D

Its super hot here too! I had to look up how to convert degrees to Celsius, and it is hotter where you live, ouch!! Its been getting up to around 37C here, which is too hot for me!

Oh nice logic on those names, must be amazing to have Lamby and Jacob with you :)
Yeah ouch hot here :p


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Wow, thanks!! ♥
Thanks for the curation, and thanks for the cake!!! Now if only I could get it off my screen and onto my plate...

I loved this post cos it has literally been more than a decade since I SAW a sheep, let alone a lamb. They are NOT tropical animals and we basically only get mountain goats along the Burmese border here in Northern Thailand.

So what a treat. Uber sweet and cute. Lamby is a fairly sheepy name and it's kinda obvious how it stuck through to adulthood, but what inspired Jacob's name??

I do thee manual curation for @ecotrain and we're always looking for more great content form homesteaders and natural people, so I'm following you and hoping to see more fun, inspiring, educational and maybe even practical 'how to' posts.

Have you picked a name yet?? ;)

Aww thanks!! :D
Naturally it is very busy around here with the livestock and animals, but I DO try and make a post at least once a week, more often if possible. Spring and summer are the busiest times though...

Well, Jacob is 3/4 Jacob's sheep, which is a super cool breed, and we just ended up naming him after his breed. Nothing else stuck, haha.

The kids have been calling the new baby Junior, and it seems like that will probably end up sticking as his name. :D

Thanks for stopping by!! ♥

I am an animal lover, seeing this comforts me to the limit, I am happy that a beautiful family has been created and Jacob looks electric, he looks like my brother, only Jacob is cute haha

Bah ha ha!!
Glad you enjoyed!! ♥

The weather can't be that bad 😎 Grats on the new 'kid'😊

Haha yes it can!! Im from Ohio, and this south GA heat is melting me!!! Helpppp!

I did move from FLA because of the heat, GA isn't much different. So I feel ya. Why I'm in Tennessee 😋

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We tried to move up thatta way and just couldnt quite pull it off, unfortunately. Wish we could go up north so we could cool off! :D

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Thanks very much! Ill follow along and check out some of your posts!

Spring time and I love seeing all the lambs around. I take it you are going to let these ones grow and increase your flock. Love the pallet fencing and amazing how useful they are.

Thanks so much!! ♥
Spring time is the best, especially with all the baby animals!
Pallet fencing may not be the prettiest, but it is FREE and surprisingly versatile. ;)

I look at pallets in a different way than I used to and have tomatoes growing using them now.

What a cutie - baby animals are the best I just love them :)

Thanks!! I think so too! :D