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Some of you will know that I have recently worked my way up through the ranks to become a full #thealliance member. It’s been fun so far and the sign up process is very different then the steemsilvergold enrolment. I had to make a few different posts, discord is a must by the looks of it and you must be active. The group seems to very tight as well, I like that and can’t wait until I get used to seeing the same names over and over to start building relationships. Anytime I ask a question on the group's discord server, someone always answers back very quickly with a good answer. One thing I notice is #thealliance has raised the bar a little on everything. Discord is set up very well; all members must be active, post good content and be seen to help each other. I think I need to up my game to remain a member :D

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The time has come to buy a ticket for this Mothership everyone is banging on about.
The mothership from I gathers is a group upvoting account. It is set up in a way that it only gives out 100% upvotes meaning 10 upvotes a day. It picks who to upvote on a rational basis. There are 3 options you have to get your ticket. You can 1/delegate 60SP to themothership and keep it there, 2/ you can donate 2SBD every month are 3/ you can delegate 10SP and donate 1 Steem. Delegations are made to @themothership and donations are made to @michaeldavid (TheDocta). I decided to go for the delegation, I can do it once and forget about it plus I have never delegated before so I wonna learn how. I plan to delegate to Stax in the future for a larger amount and this is the perfect 3 birds with 1 stone. Ticket for mothership bought; learn how to delegate and nice screenshots for an interesting post.

How to delegate to the Mothership step by step

The very first thing you need to do is visit this post Next thing to do is sign up an account with steembottracker. This is a 3rd party website that handles your delegation. You will need your steemit user name and steemit ACTIVE private key. This key is found in the permissions part of your steemit wallet. Have you have that done you start out by.....

Clicking this link to steembottracker. You will be brought to this page. Enter your steemit username is the delegator field.

Next enter into the delegatee field ''themothership'' and enter 60 into the amount (sp) field. When you have done that, click delegate.

You will get this pop up asking to confirm the delegation. You can click continue

Here is where you sign into that new Steembottracker account you made in the beginning. You enter in you steemit username and active private key again. Click sign in

BOOM!!! All done. Pretty easy. The hardest part is opening the steembottracker account. We are going to go ahead and confirm it’s gone through ok after

If you click on the transaction ID on the last picture, you are brought to this page which shows your transaction on the blockchain. I don’t know about you but I don’t understand any of that, I wonna see it in black and white.

Here is how we see it in black and white. You go into your steembottracker account and using the tabs along the top, click on ''tools'' and select ''delegation manager''. You will be brought to this page were you can see all your delegation information.

The proof is in the pudding and here it is. The last bit of black and white you need to see.

That’s me all sorted, just waiting for my turn now :D

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Woot woot, good description bud, this will help many in the future. Going to pin it in the graduates section of the playground ;)

Oh, that's so cool. You may have opened a can of worms with me, haha

Thanks buddy

Indeed this is a great tutorial for anyone who wanna delegate. And thanks for showing that I can check the black and white with steemd. Thanks! @silverstackeruk

Kicking ass and taking names since you joined the family! I think you'll do just fine.

Thank man, everyone is very welcoming

I'm not on the discord much during the week but keep it open on my computer at weekends 😎

yeah, keep us in the stack - another alliance is aonther community and another... Thanks for the informative post, I will resteem to keep it in my P-feed.

Gonna build myself up here a little and then go for weed related community next

The excitement builds with @thealliance! Great job!

I having fun what it now and things are getting better the more i interact with others :)
Thanks for commenting

good post mate it took me ages to figure it out the first time i didnt have a clue but managed to do it eventually, i got my first mothership vote its like $2 at the moment :)

Your a member as well? sweet

I'll get mine in around 2 weeks maybe :) I asking phil about delegating to stax to save on donations. Once you pop, haha

yeah i need to be more active on discord tho, i got lost when they sucked me up to the core from gamma syndicate. i thought i was gonna get kicked out for being inactive but they said i was doing great im always worrying too much lol. :)

core from gamma syndicate. I have heard about his core before. Can you share some info man?

Not too long ago thealliance was limited to 100 members and there were 3 syndicates. Now we are one big happy family😁

Righto, get it now buddy.

Thank you for replying back to me

Welcome aboard SSUK! I got my first mothership vote just the other day! It's an awesome project, you'll be glad you joined!

Great post man, I have only started my application. (last week) and I am just waiting now. I have done my post and I am really looking forward to giving to the community too. Congrats on the ticket! Can you tell me is the mother ship delegation offer open to the general public or is it only #thealliance members?

Very detailed post too man, you make it look easy to follow.

It's only open to alliance members. I'll take a few weeks as you have to work your way up. I went straight to recess so that speeded things up for me.

Good luck with your application man, i'll being seeing you around 😎

Yeah, you too man. Thanks for getting back to me.

Sounds very interesting. Keep us posted on how it works out for you

I think it takes around 2-3 weeks to get around everyone so changes are i will miss it. I mean i'll get it but might not notice it.

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