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RE: Buying my ticket for the Alliance Mothership - Step by Step with Pics #437

in #thealliance4 years ago

good post mate it took me ages to figure it out the first time i didnt have a clue but managed to do it eventually, i got my first mothership vote its like $2 at the moment :)


Your a member as well? sweet

I'll get mine in around 2 weeks maybe :) I asking phil about delegating to stax to save on donations. Once you pop, haha

yeah i need to be more active on discord tho, i got lost when they sucked me up to the core from gamma syndicate. i thought i was gonna get kicked out for being inactive but they said i was doing great im always worrying too much lol. :)

core from gamma syndicate. I have heard about his core before. Can you share some info man?

Not too long ago thealliance was limited to 100 members and there were 3 syndicates. Now we are one big happy family😁

Righto, get it now buddy.

Thank you for replying back to me

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