TheAlliance Supports TARC!

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TheAlliance Supports TARC!

If you have not heard of @tarc or @rhondak where have you been hiding? @rhondak is the Woman behind this wonderful pet rescue operation and we all need to chip in and help out in her journey to save animals that are abused and neglected. After hearing about @tarc awhile ago, the abuse this rescue has suffered is ridiculous to say the least. Never have I heard of such blatant intolerance towards a pet rescue before, it is a wonder she still has her sanity at this point, especially when taking care of 35-40 animals at a time! Big props to her for sticking to her guns. :-)

I won't retell the story here, but you can check out the blogs and read for yourself. After you read about what is going on, you will feel a bit heart broken about the whole ordeal. But the good news is, that pets are being rescued and adopted out to loving families.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and you can see for yourself the good being done! Click the pictures to go check out some fantastic stories about TARC.

@thealliance is supporting @tarc and @rhondak in their efforts to rescue unwanted and abandoned pets in the Central Appalachia area. And I hope that you will show your support as well! The costs of running the shelter are not cheap:

Typical overhead for this organization is minimal. We do have a private facility, though the rescue is considered “home-based” under Virginia law, rather than a shelter. Recurring monthly expenses run about $200. (This is a combination of electric, water, dedicated phone and internet service.) Food for the dogs runs about $300 per month. Part time kennel help (who has agreed to receive payment in SBD) is $360 per month. Veterinary costs are best calculated per dog. The average cost to vet a dog for adoption or transport across state lines is $300 per animal. While these are not the only expenses we incur, it’s safe to say that for approximately $850 per month, we could keep the doors of this rescue open indefinitely.

Can you show your support and donate to TARC? This is a call out to ALL on Steemit, to show your true colors! Together as a group we can make a difference. The true responsibility of a Human Being, is to make this planet a better place for current and future generations, regardless of species. These animals have no choice in how they are neglected, and they need your help. There is no time like the present to get started, and right now is the perfect opportunity to step up and take action!

So let's make it happen!

Upvote this 100% & Resteem the post, all proceeds from the post payout will be directed to @tarc and @rhondak. And if you feel so inclined, show some extra love and send some Steem and SBD to @rhondak directly! It is going to a great cause, need I say more?

P.S. @rhondak I jacked a few of your photos :-D Hope you do not mind!


Looks like you have a team forming up behind you, Rhonda. I told you, you keep good company.
Talk about paying it forward!

This is absolutely FANTASTIC. I'm crying right now. All of you have become this rescue's lifeblood, not just so much with the sponsorship and support and many, many transfers from individual users, but the spirit and life our Steemit supporters have breathed into this project. On behalf of all the Appalachian animals Steemit has helped save and will help save, THANK YOU.

Thanks for doing what you do. Most people would have quit a long time ago, but you are staying the course, and that is just awesome! Keep rockin the goodwill @rhondak and @tarc have a great night.

TARC loves you! Thank you!

Right back atchya! :-D

I just want to mention that TARC is fully registered as a non-profit. So anyone who wants to donate actual FIAT, food, etc., can contact @rhondak on discord to get the details--and in the US can get a receipt for tax deduction. She has to be picky about food brands for the health of the dogs but she's often gotten donations by folks who order ship-to-store on Walmart to her local one and direct donate bags of feed (I think she said it was Pedigree they used... best chance for a consistent feed that is tolerated by most dogs at a price that the community won't shoot her for feeding the dogs... her dogs probably eat better than a lot of people in the area)

So if anyone knows anyone looking for a tax-deduction, this would be a candidate organization and one where a donation really goes directly to the animals. And with the option of sending feed or making a donation to her account with her veterinarian, no one can doubt where their money is spent.

This is such a great initiative and love that #thealliance support @tarc and @rhondak. 100% upvote and as soon as I have enough I will donate as it's so worth it. Who doesn't love those animals 🤗 happy Sunday. Cheers!

Any amount helps. I do occasional posts where I pledge the SBD to @tarc, whatever it is. IT isn't always much--sometimes I'm lucky and can round it up to 1 SBD, but every penny counts here and the more people who do this, the more it adds up for the animals. I had one story I pledged get OCD attention and I was able to send 7.

Thx @saffisara :-D Yes indeed, this is def worth it! Have a great night.

Awesome collaboration and most of all well deserved!!

I think we really must admire all people who dedicate themselves for animal well being! Chapeau!

Hiya @karinxxl :-) Well said my friend! Have a great night. :-D

For the furry lovely companions and people willing to help them. Love!

Hiya @yidneth yes, everyone show some love to @tarc! Have a great night. :-D

If anyone has had the joy of caring for a dog, or any animal for that matter this has to be in your heart. They give their unrequited love and deserve to be looked after as just as much as anyone else. A very commendable cause.

Thanks @c0ff33a much appreciated my friend! Yes indeed, this is a worthy cause. :-D Have a great night.