Operation Curation Delegation - I'm Throwing my Hat In

in thealliance •  2 years ago 

Ok, I promise (I hope) that this is the last time I ask anyone to do anything for me on my behalf in the near term, but feel I have a good chance at success and feel like I would be good at this job. I don't feel like I'm a very good writer, but I joined Steemit to become a better one. I don't know how to program, I can't draw very well, but one thing I feel like I'm pretty good at is leaving encouragement for others.

OCD is looking for 5 English speaking curators and I want to be one of those 5, so I'm asking anyone who reads this to go leave a comment under my comment on why I should be a curator or up-vote my comment. If you don't think I would make a good curator than no worries and thanks for stopping by.

I don't think I've asked for help yet for me here on steemit, but I would really like one of these spots.

There are several people I follow that I would love to be able to give them an up vote more than <$0.01. It won't be much more, but it would be nice to give there posts a little more of a boost.

I'd love to be able to use my increased SP for great communities such as #teamaustralia, #thealliance, and #steemsilvergold that have already given so much to me. I'd be able to give back in 2 ways. One through increased votes of articles in these communities and by using my increased rewards to delegate SP to these communities. A 3rd way would be to get good articles in these communities featured as part of OCP.

If your wanting to be a curator as well leave a comment down below and I'll give your comment an upvote and comment. If you have a few minutes of free time head over to my comment here. Thanks in advance and have a great day! I give more reasons on why I should be chosen on my comment so head on over and quit reading this!

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