💥#thealliance💥 Updates 081017 (Welcoming a New Member & Teamwork!👏)

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

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To begin with, I would like to thank all of the current members for being supportive of what we are aiming to accomplish here on Steemit. The sole purpose behind #thealliance, is to have a team of people that 'watch your back' and look out for your posts above all others. This is the definition of a team. Teams work together to move forward. All of our members have proven to be quality content creators and supportive of each other. If you see a new name below, be sure to follow them and get to know them! Now, it isn't mandatory that we always upvote and resteem each other's blog submissions, but, it is highly prized...and definitely keep those comments coming! That's the most important part of this equation. That tells your teammates, "yes, I have read your post and here's what I think." This week, we have a new member to add. Enter @chiefmappster. Welcome buddy! He is a very positive and enthusiastic Steemite that has been integral in helping to build several communities already here on Steemit and has big plans. Taken on initially as a judge for our #karaokecontest, he has since seen our potential and is eager to use his experience to help any way he can. We look forward to your support and posts!


Of all #thealliance members, this is the one you should pay the most attention to. His sole purpose is to be trained to engage and support #thealliance activity. Now, some of you may or may not have noticed, but our little pet is growing, bigger by the day. He used to automatically upvote and resteem all member's posts. However, since he is becoming more valuable, he is being more selective with his voting and curating. ONLY posts with #thealliance tag from a member will be resteemed and tweeted. He will also be doing his best to maintain his voting power up around 100% every day and so, will only be upvoting the best content he sees. If it's a 'killer' post, you'll know 🐬

#thealliance Active Members

@enginewitty - top Rap Challenge contestant, crytpo fanatic, curator

@michaeldavid - brilliant inspirational blogger and thinktank, #karaokecontest contributor

@miriamslozberg - the 'mom blogger' with awesome dinners

@thequeendizzle - still fairly new to steemit, a ray of sunshine

@mcoinz79 - adventurous single father and cryptocurrency enthusiast

@flexifriday - musician and food lover

@nolnocluap - all about money and great sense of humor

@awarenessraiser - solid spiritual vlogger

@jrtbx - into crypto, an environmentalist, and actor

@christheaudioguy - cryptocurrency miner and fitness fanatic

@stephiesawyer - big into essential oils and all around sweetheart

@jaynie - truly passionate person and blogger, judge of the #karaokecontest

@sam19 - bitcoin lover and technical entrepreneur

@thedamus - into precious 'heavy' metals and coins, bitcoin advocate

@phelimint - imaginative precious metals and coin collector

@jrandolph - excellent photographer and gold/silver lover

@anialexander - best selling author and great poet

@donatello - musician and proud father, owner of The Donatello Club

@hardikv - musician and producer, judge of the #karaokecontest

@tattoodjay - innovative transplant photographer

@sagittarianqueen - proud young grandmother

@chiefmappster - gambler, dreamer, creator of the Beatle Beat Battle League Competition

and be sure to follow our pet @killerwhale!


The Karaoke Contest

Anyone that would like to see the entries so far or enter yourself, be sure to click your pretty little mouse or tap your frantic finger here to see the rules and submission thread!

1st Place - 10 STEEM

2nd Place - 7 SBD

3rd Place - 3 SBD

Other places to 'meet' with #thealliance

Discord Channel #thealliance
Facebook Group #thealliance
#thealliance Twitter Feed

just keep swimming...just keep swimming...


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Thank you Miriam! Hope you having a good day!

Thank you for the great post! Resteemed!


Sure thing buddy! Trying to keep everyone in the loop :)

Hello there @enginewitty. I would like to be considered for enlistment into #thealliance. I have only been here a short time, but I'm really having a blast.


I will be sure to add you to the list next update bud! You may already know some of our members. We have several that are into metals. @thedamus, @phelimint and @jrandolph.

Awwwwww, @enginewitty, your so sweet! I just love our little community!


Aww thank you! Glad you're enjoying our fellowship hun. :)

Thank you for not writing me off because of my decreased activity.


You been here awhile, hoping you get to feeling better so we can see more of your thoughts!

hi @enginewitty may i know how to join #thealliance?


Be a quality content provider and support our other members. Follow them and at least comment on their posts. If it's one you like, upvote it. If you really like it, resteem it. Use our tag #thealliance on posts you want @killerwhale to see. Pretty easy, just be a team player.

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I would like to be part of this community :-)


I will be sure to add you to the list bud, just keep quality on your mind. We have a few other photographers here you probably like to meet. @tattoodjay and @jrandolph


Thanks! I am not just posting content about photography, currently i run a campaign to increase followers ;-)
I check out the other members, thanks!

Ayyyy love this buddy. Thank you for the creating such an epic movement.

You are truly a Leader of Steemit, let's change this world buddy.

Real, positive change :)


Glad you're a part my man! Great things happening and will continue to!


Wow you are so on point my friend let's create this real, positive change o weeeee

Hi I would like to put (enlist) my name on #thealliance members, I will be very active since I work on my computer and with cryptos as well. I want to contribute to steemit and this team. tks a lot PS: Will follow everyone on thealliance list right now... raphael von gal :-)


I will be sure to add you, just make sure you visit other member's blogs and support them best you can.


Im doing this...will resteem some posts of the members and when my power backs in some hours will upvote :)


Excellent :)


I followed you @raphavongal. Enjoy and welcome to our group!


tks followed u back right now

Hello, I would like to be part of team #thealliance. I haven't been on steemit very long, but I sure am enjoying it!


I checked out some of your posts, you have a good sense of humor bud. We're all pretty light hearted cats so you should fit in well. Show your support of everyone best you can and we'll be happy to have ya!