Steem Monsters -vs- Drug Wars

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It's No Secret

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a gamer and have that child at heart. Yes, I like to play. I think life gets taken too seriously sometimes and it's one of my releases. From killing people on COD to kicking @isaria's ass on @steemmonsters. Ha! Sometimes anyway. She's pretty good. Love you!

Anyway, the point of this post is to give you my personal opinion on Steem Monsters and Drug Wars. They both have their pros and cons, this is my take on the two. They also each have their own unique gaming styles and that has to be taken into consideration. So, here we go -

The Pros & Cons

First, we'll weigh in on both sides with the pros of each game. Don't misunderstand me, I like them both and don't really have a favorite. I'm just glad someone is finally doing something other than just writing a blog. If I had the resources including a badass dev team, I'd of already made a hundred games and various dapps to attach to my beloved STEEM blockchain. But, we play the cards we're dealt, right? Speaking of cards -


Steem MonstersDrug Wars
1) #steemmonsters provides hours of competitive fun! 2) It's a card game and you can challenge your friends! 3) Each card is unique with its own ID number! 4) You can even sell your cards! 5) You can win money by playing tournaments! 6) You get referral rewards! 7) They actually have (a) book(s) coming!
1) #drugwars is a passive fun FREE TO PLAY game! 2) Reminds me of 'Mafia Wars' in the old #facebook days! 3) You earn #steem from referrals! 4) You earn STEEM from your 'drug supply'! 5) You earn STEEM from your 'drug investments'! 6) Did I say drugs? I meant, GUNS, er - alcohol, or maybe STEEM?


Steem MonstersDrug Wars
1) This game really is your classic pay to play. Smart on their part, no doubt, @aggroed is a business man after all. 2) At 10$ USD just to play, some will never get the chance. 3) To win any season rewards, you will have to dump THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars into this game. 4) Sometimes, you don't get credit for your affiliates. 5) If you're not in their circle - you're not in their circle. 6) It's addicting!
1) Drugs? Really??? 2) What the fuck is the leveling up good for? 3) I said passive, though not truly pay to play - it will take a LONG TIME for someone to build an empire otherwise. 4) It opens a thousand tabs when you purchase something and eats a battery like no other - and it's not even a downloaded app! 5) Quite a few spelling and image placement errors - do you need a copy editor? In a past life...

Closing Thoughts on Steemmonsters

I'll see you on the battlefield! Despite @yabapmatt never coming through with adjusting close to 3 dozen of the affiliate rewards like he said he would, I still play the shit out this #steemmonsters game and have probably put too much in his pocket. What? Affiliate? Ya, he said he would backtrack the people that I brought to the game which, if you do play and are reading this, there's roughly an 80% chance it was due to my hand in some manner. A few were maybes, but I don't hate, I masturbate. Or what? Retaliate? Exasperate? I'm just fuk'n hungry and somebody forgot my damn dessert.

Closing Thoughts on Drug Wars

I really can't be too critical of this one yet, in all honesty, because it just came out. I've only seen a few minor glitches in their test run and can only imagine that it will continue to get better as time passes. There is nothing else out there that you can play FOR FREE and earn STEEM from - unless you play with the @spl and are a fan of poker. Huge plus and major statement from the developers though. I really am curious to see where this one goes and will be playing right along! Like, Nom Nom Nom, get your game on!

All in All

It's just a joy to see new things develop here on the chain and since I'm a gamer, I'm attracted to those pretty heavily. They may not be the best things to have graced the blockchain, but they certainly are up there for me. Regardless how you go about your STEEM experience, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even if I'm juss slangin virtual drugs, ha!

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You Want to Join My Mafia - TAP HERE!CLICK HERE & let's play Steem Monsters!

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SEXY Pirate Lord of Darkness

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👹😎 Awesome post @enginewitty 👍 I have not played or even checked out Drug Wars yet as im addicted to Steem Monsters and seem to spend 24/7 in battle and on the market since being laid off ever sense this game started, lol! I find the tournaments really hard to win , its a game designed for the rich but still fun to play, im slowly building up my gold teams and splinters so one day in the future I can actually compete and win some of my money back in the Diamond tournaments which are the best paying ones if you want to pay to play, then you better have stacked decks! What do you think of the tournaments!? im likeing that they are now automatic! upped and resteemed
👹😎 once they ( @yabapmatt & @aggroed ) are done fixing , ironing out the kinks, and improving the site , Its going to be Legendary!

Totally pay to play! But with all the tournaments and your skill, I bet you can win some! Ya know, I think they should keep track of your records against other people because I seem to play you a LOT! LOL🤣 Maybe it's because you play so much and are addicted like me😋 Thanks for reading sweets and I will be setting up some tournaments once I get a few more under my belt, so stay tuned!

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Awe thanks , haha, sounds awesome 👍👍👍👹

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I know you are a very active player because every time I see @karenmckersie as an opponent I know instantly whatever I do it will end in a loosing, but it is part of the fun of the game - playing against accounts on the Steem Blockchain you know - and it's engaging because it reminds you of people you might have lost track of.

Lol cool! Yes for sure I have the same problem and loose a lot, it's very hard to move up to the top 50 and get more rewards unless your rich and can max out every card and every splinter , I only have 1 maxed up blue splinter and a couple of decent splinters only because I have been here from the start, because I have no money I need to sell what I don't use to level up! I have never made it to top 50 it seems only the rich can and then they get even more stuff , lol! 👍👹💰

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Not true, I'm not rich and I hit the top 50. But right at number 50 lol!

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That's awesome! I'm Slowly leveling up some other splinters now that I'm done with blue, so hopefully I will make it this season, it just takes longer for most of us with no Steem is what I'm saying to build up our teams and win more.👍

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Oh believe me I know, LOL! Always fun playing with you over there😋🤗

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Gaming makes money, simple and straight forward. My youngest went 9 last week and the amount of gaming he does is just incredible - as is the investment I put in to keep him going, Roblox, Fortnight, Steem and Occulus games - he demolishes games like no tomorrow and plays the hell out of him - I have to admit he is good, he will play them to completion and that alone is impressive - some require an incredible amount of time and effort investment to learn the structure.

Point is - all games have the potential to make serious money - look at Fortnight which is free to play - but the revenue they make from buying in game credits is incredible - V-Bucks are needed for season passes, outfits and upgrades - and they are literally rolling in money from these sales.

Gaming is addictive, and everyone wants to win. If we want to see the Steem Token climb in value - gaming will be one of the fastest and most productive ways to do it.

#thealliance #witness

Time yes, I remember as a kid I always had the need to 'flip' a game - which meant beat through completely with no cheat codes. That's how I got into the rpgs like final fantasy and the elder scrolls later on PC. So yes, gamification is where it's at, now where did my dev team go...

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A non-gambling free to play is very attractive because even though DrugWars can make you loose more money than gambling games, the gambling stigma still there for people like me.

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I've heard gambling is a drug itself!

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I enjoy Steem monsters, but their economy has gone into a bit of a glut on some of the reward cards... I'm also not fond of the way that the base summoner and basic cards are only available through the paid alpha/beta packs... But it is a decent game and one of the best on a blockchain.

However, they still are casual games... Nothing like a huge cRPG or XCom!

Love RPGs personally. Three I play most off chain are FO76, TES and COD bo4!

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I haven't played Steem monster, but I will soon. Been playing Drug Wars for 2 weeks, and so far no complaint from me. But when the battle enabled tomorrow, lts see what will happen. I'm sure many will feel the pain in the arse when they got attacked.

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Gonna kick major butt!

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Thank you! Really nice summary, please keep these coming :-)

Shared, followed and resteemed!


Wow, thanks for stopping in my man, glad you enjoyed it and I will start dropping more IMO posts😎

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I'm enjoying both!
The payouts on drugwars are dwindling. I can't wait to see what happens when the battles are activated.

Im stuck at about a lvl 5 decks in Steem Monsters. It would be great if you could win all the summoners in the daily quests, not just the reward summoners.

Only summoner for rewards is Daria, so yes, they do need more summoners in the rewards. Totally agree. Reason payouts are a little less on Drug Wars is more people are playing now so it's getting dispersed across a larger area, but still being paid out.

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do you need a copy editor? In a past life...

Ha! Shaking my head over here, but I'm not much of a gamer. And I'm guilty of taking life too seriously. Glad you're having fun.

Lmao! Was hoping someone would catch that, you think they heard me?

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Supersweet, just read it and thank you for including this one!

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