Other 'Platforms' You May Want To Try

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Because You Just Never Know

With the recent chain freeze and now the hiccups in #hardfork20, I got pretty bored. That boredom prompted me to go elsewhere to bide my time and keep myself occupied while my favorite chain got its shit together. Plus hey, you never know if some of these tokens will actually be worth something down the road, right!


This is literally a clone of the STEEM blockchain. Not that that is anything to be shy about or show disapproval of. Let's face it, this chain (STEEM) is probably the best out there so I expect to see several others come out as time goes on. #thealliance has a presence over there and I recently started the tag so maybe we'll get some good 'recruits' from over there? Who knows. If you have time then feel free to jump over there and dip your toes in. Never hurts to diversify your crypto-folio!


This particular chain is designed more for the audio producers out there. I say audio producers because you can easily upload your podcasts or any music you may have the rights to. There are many artists and casters already over there from this chain. Feel free to sign up if you haven't already, even just to listen! You can make your own playlists and earn from those if you aren't a contributor yourself! Check out my wicked awesome playlists!


This particular one is for the mobile users out there. Now, if you have an affinity for pictures and short video clips, this is a good spot for you. Think of combining Instagram and Snapchat then adding it to a blockchain. That's pretty much all this is. There is no comment feature (yet), but it does have the ability to message other users. Be warned, there are a bunch of bullshit mining accounts on there that can distract you. I found about 2 dozen that all had the same pictures. Once the creators are aware of the mockery being made of their system, I'm sure it'll be a much better app.


For those that love Facebook and don't know how to turn that psychological newsfeed implant off, this is the place for you. The browser based front end is very agreeable and scrolls smoothly. But, giving credit where it is due, the mobile app also has quite a lightweight feel to it. Virtually anyone can join, and start contributing to the platform. The algorithm used there is based on engagement and involvement with the platform and other users, so, may take up some of your time if you really get into it - you've been warned!

That's My Preferred List

Granted, there are plenty of other ones out there that I don't frequent. The new Whaleshares, Scorum, Sphere, Trybe, Music Coin, Golos, Sola, jeepers, there's a bunch. My point being, is that the next time (and rest assured - there will be a next time) our favorite blockchain goes on the fritz and you think all is lost with no where to go - now you do have places to go, and maybe I'll see you over there! Keep STeeMiNG oN my peoples, and REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

A Cryptocurrency FREAK

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Be careful with Weku. They do freeze accounts and we already had a report of one individual who had his account frozen and taken.

Not tradeable anywhere at the moment so just fun to play on. Why did it get frozen?

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I don't remember what he said was the reason. Its that ability to freeze that's a red flag to me.

A shit ton of uselessness, built for useless people trying to find use. I kinda Pity yall.

I registered on WeKu with ur link :3 what's the name of the currency that they use? Couldn't find it in the crypto market.

Still in the works. Its Weku for now. Once the ICO is done, it'll start emerging on various markets I'm sure😎

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Im checking Whaleshares out. Im on Weku but not that keen on it for some reason..

I'm still waiting on approval...still, from whaleshares. Would love to dig in on it but none doing presently.

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Hm... got mine a few weeks ago..was instant. Still, I miss Steemit. Feels just... wrong somehow.

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Weku may be one to check out - going to do that. I've been on Minds for a while but the premise is a little f'd in my mind (heheheh.) For that one I just don't see it taking off in terms of $ per effort. I think you missed another one to check out that seems very "steem-like" - scorum,com. It's sports focused but I think it has some merit and would be a good competitor to bleacher report.

I did put that in my closing statement but since I'm not a huge sports fan, I haven't gotten over there. I know a lot of people that love it though!

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Face-palm. Totally missed that. Yes, I hear a lot of good things about it. At least you can actually buy SCR on Bitshares. Can't seem to find how you would onboard crypto to Weku (it's sooooo Steemit Condenser).

Great info, wish I could upvote it. Very sad.
Another alternative for those that keep complaining about the steemit interface not being "cool" enough is SteemPeak. This ties back into our beloved Steem platform, but with a more mature gui interface. I really like the grid view myself, or sometimes just flipping back to normal view for the much larger size picture than what Steemit provides.
Check it out at: https://steempeak.com/@ksteem

That's a front end I'm well aware of, the ones I listed run on completely different chains and tokens than STEEM.

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Awesome! Thanks for this! I didn't know about this Weku Steem clone. I think I'll register to a few of these and try to get a bit more crypto production going. :)

Smoke also just launched, for the cannabis inclined.

Always good to see what else is out there. I'm loving Choon! And Whaleshares looks interesting, but mostly I'm looking forward to this blockchain working out its kinks. ;)

Here hear Princess.

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Thank you for the post! I have joined weku using your referral link.

Right on buddy, just like early Steemit!

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I hadn't heard of weku before.. I'm on Lit and I totally agree with your comments about it.. some people on there just download pics from reddit and repost it there.. its still fun though and you can find genuine people there.. I think i'll use your link to give weku a try :)

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