My 2020 Goals + Haters & A Picture Show

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Haters Will Be Haters

I know you'll hate my Christmas pictures riddled throughout this post. One of the things that is keeping Steem afloat is the community aspect of the whole thing. Small ones make up bigger ones that ultimately make up the entire Steem blockchain. One of them I really like but don't participate in much, is the @freewritehouse and the freewriters. This prompt, I cannot ignore. So, here we go. 5 minutes:

Haters will be haters
like secret pornographic masturbaters
chain blocking debaters
stained cocking creators
like I don't know
but I'm scaling the walls
I got the mojo
And we got some giant sized balls
we don't need no more bricks
we don't need no more stalls
we don't need no more pricks
we diggin in our fukn claws
settin roots
watch a little seed grow
like puss in boots
the legend will start to show
I got the juice
I take it farther than you can go
a magical Groot
you can't fuck with the flow
5 minutes
5 minutes
Fukn haters gonna hate
I crack open the closed circles
like a hidden stargate
see the royal purple
and you know I'm temptin fate
it'll never be what you want
it'll be what I create.

2020 Goals

Are you confused yet? Good. HA! So @derangedvisions is doing this contest, and he usually runs pretty good ones. I believe the deadline is the turn of the year. Can find out more information and see his 2020 goals in this post. I am giving an example of my first goal right now. Bringing more people together by unifying them in posts. I see no reason why every good writer/artist/musician/whathaveyou shouldn't be making 5 bucks a pop. The reason being, lack of community support.

I think more communities need to be closer together. My fear, is that with a lot of these new hives popping up, a silent separation will set in. People that want their content to appear in 4 or 5 different communities will use those ugly hive tags, correct? Wait, you can only use one. Which means, you have to choose which one. Which community is the single most important to you for that post?

I don't think many people see this yet. Maybe they won't at all because - communities! We already have communities. I was totally on board myself, but in hindsight, and the way it is being done, I am opposed. If they fix it, and you can use an existing tag for your already established community? Great, THAT'S what they should have been and I seriously thought they were going to be.

We are struggling to get people over here as it is and confusing them with this hive and that hive when a tag is already being used for a community? IDK. Just seems, evasive. So, one of my goals for 2020 is to participate in more communities outside of my own. Bring them all together. Get to know people here and there and everywhere. That doesn't mean I'll be kissing anyone's ass. You all already know I don't do that shit. It basically means, you're going to see a lot more of me.

Another Goal

A few people have noticed in prior posts (most recently my Secret Santa one from @katrina-ariel and @dreemsteem), and that's when I know someone has read the entire thing, by the comments made, that I am recognizing things I can do better. I know I'm not perfect, but I do try and better myself day by day by learning about a person or reading something new.

I'm also very sick of things not being done that should have been done already on this here chain and figure since I'm not going anywhere anyway, I'm going to learn to code myself. Primarily Json and Python. Think it was @katrina-ariel and possibly (probably too) @snook that I said to last year, if things don't change, I'm going to learn to do this shit myself. Well, I haven't seen it get much better ladies.

Another Goal

I'm rather disappointed in myself. I was so hoping to be at least in the top 50 witnesses by now. This January, I'll have been on that list for 2 years. 2 YEARS! And there's still people that haven't even shown their face and some that have totally checked out that are ranked above me. Almost makes me sick. I'm not sure what I have to do to get up there and start having a real impact on more people and lives, but I guess slow and steady wins the race.

Another Goal

And I'll stop on this one. I want to stay healthy enough to keep enjoying these little princesses. If @jackmiller can quit smoking, so can I. If a 70 year old woman can woop her own ass into shape and compete in MMA, then I can get my washboard back. If Everlast and B. Real can spit rhymes in their 50's, then so can I. Well, that's a ways off, but I want to get in better shape for sure. Hope this hits home for y'all. Oi, hey, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even when I don't have a white Christmas.

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💪💪💪 Be more active in more communities!!! I would love to do this too... haven't been active in most of the communities I am in now... so I must work harder on this!!!
May all your wishes come true!!!

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Thanks doll, I hope all of yours do too! Be safe ok?

Thank you... 👍❤

Just don't get on my case that I still smoke and we are good LOLL

Divide and conquer........ itsn't that what they do in war zones? I know it's a bit harsh but it's 5:32 am and I have not slept....

yet from the beginning of community like things being built on Steem I didn't like the idea of separating groups of people.......isn't that what tags are for?

says the person that never uses the right tags for anything

Love YOU!!

Don't forget to be the REAL You.


I'm tired too because I just read 'still smoke weed'. 😂
And yes, that's what tags are for. I'm all about building practical apps for the chain, but I'm not convinced this community hive is bettering anything. Sure, it's new and shiny, you said. Divide and conquer.

Love you too ❤️


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love everything except the dead fish - ew - so hating on the dead fish pick - <3

That was alive😎catch and release Hun🤗

better but you do know that many of them get infections and it really hurts them :( plus the stress of not being able to breath its cruel - love u though you know that

Wishing you a fab 2020 and a hot bod you’d be proud of 😉

He he ya baby!

Merry Holidays Witty! I'm learning Python too!!!

Well, I had it explained to me as a logical poetry. My brain works both of those pretty well, so I'm hoping it'll be a natural transition once I 'see it'. Maybe we can have some fun and work a project together when I get comfortable with it?

That would be awesome!

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I've had the same score and rank for about 6 months now. What's up with that?

I always loved your mind and visions as you know 😍 what bought me here.
And when it comes to community being a family and work together, thats the way I belive things are being done, come together, work together, raise together. I been invite to so many communities and by amazing People, and yet my ❤️ is in @thealliance

I have tried this hive once, my last post and I still not sure what it is for, what The difference is but im also here to Stay and I try things out but usually I come back to same conclusion...
This is the place... Lol

Thank you for being YOU and always leads is forward and sees us.
I see YOU too and you know I think you deserve much more and top 50?
I say top 5 😁 lol
I hope your goal treats you well next year and I know you can do whatever you set your mind to... I seen it before 😍 wash board? Can I touch it then? 😂 Hahahaha

Stay YOU...Belive in YOU... Love YOU
I DO 🤗❤️🤗

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You really keep a fella's head in the game sweets. Thank you for your confidence and undying support. Means more than you will ever know. Much love!!

Wishing you all the best and every success with your goals in 2020, @enginewitty!

Thanks brotha, hope your new years brings new exciting challenges!

Wow! What a nice poem! Beautiful pictures!
Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

Thanks man! Hope you having a good one over there!

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Big up bro!!!! Happy christmas n all dat jazz!!!!
Nuff respect!!!

.... "If Everlast and B. Real can spit rhymes in their 50's, then so can I"!!

what about 70s? ... made me think of these guys!!
They for real too, I saw em play live too!! haha

Fuck ya dude, that is badass and love seeing it span beyond even our generation! Boy look like all Mr. White Breakin Bad enshit.



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Wow, @enginewitty, this is a bad-ass post! To some of your points...! Yes, you should be in the list of top witnesses!! The amount you do for Steem and communities is nothing short of amazing. I think it's great that you have a goal to look outside The Alliance, and help to knit some of the different communities together. That is an awesome goal. Otherwise, we are going to get too clicky.

I crack open the closed circles
like a hidden stargate


And finally -- quit smoking?!? Do it!! I'm so proud of you. I know you can do this. It won't be easy. But you really can do it, and it will add years to your life! Love and hugs.

Thanks hun. It'll be rough, but hopefully I have the willpower to conquer it!

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You got me with the cookies ...

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lol @ the guy who said "beautiful poem"
i'm not sure if that's the right adjective, but it was good, you could possibly be the next eminem.

or just... learn to code. ;)

good luck.

Gracias amigo, my classes start soon and you have to check out some of my actual music ;)

I can't believe I missed this one. Love your Freewrite :)
And I agree. The hive thing sucks. I also thought it would be easier to just have conversations in the community. for now, it is just all the posts in one place - which works for the freewrite I guess. We shall see. Steemit is not on it - hasn't been since I joined. Oh well...

You would think a community needs to communicate, right? LMFAO!

Right? Maybe we are just silly to think that 😂

Course you know, those brilliant minds at Steemit Inc love to listen to people and actually take the 'community' in to consideration.

!giphy seriously

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hahaha - you so funny!!!

Oh my goodness I am too late to this party, but I love this post! The hives are annoying me no end. I am sorry you do not feel you are getting your due too. You are a good witness. I haven't been able to change my witness votes since the keychain business though, and I don't want to spend a couple hours figuring that out! Love the photos of your girls. And of you. So Sweet. You are blessed.

Thank you sweets, kind of you to say :) hope you had (a) great holiday(s)! The tags are just so, so, ugh, tacky? For lack of a nicer word :P