I STEEM of Dreemy...or some such shit.

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Cap'n @dreemsteem

So I was a loyal - or maybe conniving - pirate for her treasure hunts challenges. It was a fun break between people's posts on @shadowspub's PYPT in the evenings. My fav booty captain kept me coming back because the posts she chose were far from boring. Good on ya Dreemy! I also won a few things on the finale, some of which came today and I wanted to share them with you.


Hurry Up Daddy!

Now, my princesses were just as (if not more) anxious to see what was in the box than I was. I knew basically what was coming, some hot sauce! She also included her favorite candy and a sweet card which made my day! Thank you, truly, was a great way to start the week doll.

Thank You @dreemsteem!

I'll be highly anticipating the next installment! The card was real fun, brought me back to when I was a kid and collected stickers. Not sure why that's where my mind went, but my favorite ones to collect in my 7 year old world of wonder, were the scratch and sniff ones! So that was fun, and I appreciate you too sweets. Oh, the Swedish Fish are already gone btw lol!


@liberty-minded made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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Aww... That is such a wonderful gift 😊 and Yes those Swedish fish are a favorite... Lol
So sweet and @dreemsteem is amazing. Love the card.
Thank you for sharing. Cool to se!


yeah! he has 2 more things on the way! LOLOL they should be fun too!

man - he must have been a REALLY sneaky pirate to get so much STUFF. hehehehe

and swedish fish are my FAVORITE. they're like crack!!!! I CAN'T STOP EATING THEM.


LOLOLOLOLOL you are crazy!!!! hhahahahahahahaha how do you always find the best gifs???? LOL


Keywords 😎

wasn't that the coolest card?!?!?!?! but i'm SO mad my little Russian lady didn't make it to you :(

i'm for sure gonna send it this week... but geez. 3 packages from a pirate captain??

you really are a sneaky pirate. LOLOLOL


its always a good thing :)

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I swear I've seen those Swedish Fish every time I take my girls to Dollar Tree to get candy. But never have tried them. What are they like ??

Anyway, nice package @enginewitty. Maybe some day I will send you
one . And don't worry totally PG version :)


oh!!!!!!!!!!!! get them next time!

sometimes you get a bag that are older - and they're harder.... not bad - just not as soft and chewy. but the flavor is like - sweet and ... almost cherry??? but with a hint of sour too - (totally subtle) but balances all that sugar

i eat the whole bag. so ashamed hahahaha i can't stop!!!! i love them!!!!

if you get them - let me know if you like them LOLOL i'm probably building them up WAY too much but they're my FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVORITE!!!


Yes like a cherry strawberry soft gumdrop type thing. Really no other candy I know of like them.