I STEEM of Dreemy #2

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Gimme dat booty

Part 2, What?

In case you missed it, the first one came out on Monday called 'I STEEM of Dreemy...or some such shit.' and I didn't expect to be following it up so soon.
Am I complaining? Why hell no. I'm ecstatic! For those that are not aware, I have this thing about games. I'm uber competitive, don't know why, just a thing in my brain says YOU HAVE TO WIN. Ask @carriallen, I'm the three weeks running Grand Master Game Smasher on her Mission Control Monday show.

Back to Part 1

On @dreemsteem's PTI on @shadowspub's PYPT Thursday evening shows, was a treasure hunt. And I do love that booty. For the 'season's finale', she was handing out all kinds of goodies like hot sauce (that was amazingly tasty) from her trip to Puerto Rico and STEEM and even some t-shirts. Behind hats, that's my favorite article of clothing. They don't last nearly as long as a ball cap or skully, even thought they are worn less, so when I come across a good one, I try to snatch it up. I even have a few in my dresser that have holes worn in them. I like them so much, I can't bear to part with them (yet). And today...well...

I Totally Ripped Open The Package

So I don't have that picture to share with you. It didn't occur to me until after I had opened it, in my impatient stewing while I waited to pick up my oldest princess, to take a snapshot of it. Although, I did lay the T's up on my steering wheel and take a picture to share with you badasses - pirates or not.


Aren't these just the coolest shits ever? Most people have a hard time picking out clothes for me, and I have some horrid tales about that, but you have done a marvelous job Cap'n! I seriously don't know which one I want to wear first. They both kick major ass so, thank you, you are an absolute peach of a pirate!


@liberty-minded made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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Hahhahahaa!!!! They kinda look GREAT draped over your steering wheel!!!! You might have started a new trend!!!! Lololol

And I'm so happy the hot sauce was a huge hit! I'll have to see if I can find it elsewhere!! ☠️

I am just as competitive as you! 😂 It's a little bit of a sickness.really hahahaha

I have never ever let my kids win at a game. I'm like.... Hey if you want it- take it!!!! Lolol

And they HAVE beaten me at games before... Isn't that a better win???? I say YES

Smiling from ear to ear... Pt. 3 won't send for another day or two.. but it WILL be there soon!



I do the same thing. Doesn't teach them to win or be competitive if you let them win. Important life skill. What's it called...survival of the fittest or some such shit? Being fit doesn't always refer to physical prowess ;)

Hello @enginewitty that is Fab post.


Thanks man!

Nice shirts @enginewitty. The second one may alarm some females you come upon who may not know you but who the heck cares :)


Hell ya they're badass bro. And you're right lol, be wary wear I wear it :)

Those are definitely some killer t-shirts-- I'd even wear them!☠💯☠


Hecks ya, pirate mama over here!!!

How fun to get pirate booty in the mail!!! I got to hug that blue pirate shirt today. 💖 Awesome choice, @dreemsteem!


Ohhhhohohohho...you give amazing hugs hey. My shirt has been immortalized lol