7 Day Positivity Challenge - Day 3 - Ghost Stories

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7 Days of Good Stuff

This challenge was started by @conradt, and I was nominated by @snowpea in on her 5th day. The purpose of this challenge is to spread around some positivity here on Steemit, and you know me, I never back down from a challenge! Well, almost never LOL!


How are those positive? The interaction with a particular child. We had some severe storms last night and so, the internet was gone. There we sat, stranded offline. I decided, hey, want me to read you a story? And it was a great idea, several stories were read and enjoyed until dinner time. After dinner time, I made a suggestion. Let's tell some ghost stories!


Great Idea!

The first story told was rather comical with a slight spooky twist. I made it up about a house like ours and an old man. What made it funny for her was all the old man could say was BLARBLAYARBLABLGAR or something I can't actually spell. LOL! The spooky twist came towards the end as I made it so he became part of the house and made a thumping sound in the walls when he was trying to get out. I banged on the wall a few times in good taste.

The Hook

Everybody has heard this classic fireside horror story right? Couple on a drive, hears a radio broadcast. Mentions the hook hand and a bloody hook on the door at the end of the story right? Well Luna loved this and put it in her story about monster friends. There was a witch with a bat companion, a 'frankenstein', a ghost and a guy with a hook. The witch made a potion and poured it on the mean hook hand killer and turned him into a friendly vampire and became one of the monster friends. The End. She tells cute stories.

This One Made Her Cry

As the thunder grew louder and lightning was more frequent, I made up one that was really scary for her. It was about a man, with a family. Three little girls, in fact. One night, during a storm, the man got really hungry. He ate dinner, and was still hungry. He went to the store and got some snacks, and came home. He was still hungry. So hungry he ate the dogfood when he got out of his truck, and then the dogs. "Wait, dad, he ate the dogs?" Yes, the dogs, and then the catfood, and then the cats, before going into the house where his kids were. "He ate the cats too?" Yes the cats. He then went to the fridge and his craving was for meat and blood. He ate all the raw hamburger, steaks, fish and even cleaned the cupboards out of any canned meats...but he was still hungry. He went downstairs and...

Ha Ha, Here's The Rest

He saw his little girl playing. She said hey Daddy, how are you. He said, I'm hungry. The lightning flashed and I made my eyes open wider looking at Luna sitting near me as she hunched in suspense. It was perfect timing because I grabbed her as the thunder clapped real loud and pretended to try and eat her. Which, made her freak out like crazy and cry and run to turn the light on. I laughed and felt sorry for her so cuddled her for the next hour and told her I only made it up. The point of this is we had some good family bonding time, which is always a positive thing. STeeM oN my peoples!

What an appetite.

Your Turn:

  • Write a post about something you have to be postive about today - this could be anything from being thankful for your current situation, someone being nice to you, being thankful for your friends and family, or even being thankful for the oppurtunity you have been given here on Steemit - just keep it positive :)
  • Do this for 7 days in a row if you get nominated
  • Mention three people who should do this on each day.
  • Tag it with #sevendaypositivity (can try 7daypositivitychallenge but Steemit doesn't like numbers) and include these rules at the bottom of your post
  • Include a picture of something positive (related to your story if possible).
  • I nominate @oizaguirres, @sol25, & @crisangel


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I love ghost stories and something that your girls will now know how to do. I think so many have no idea of the fun that can be had when the lights go out and you have to use your imagination :D

but you have those kick ass firepits too so :D perfect for sitting around telling stories too :D

Thank you for sharing your stories and I might have nightmares too after hearing that one about the hungry Dad too! LOLLLL

I think I might have overused the word too LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL hugs


Ya the fire pits are real fun for stories. Quiet and spooky as the fire dies down and critters start their nightly chorus.

A night without electric power, with strong rays and lightning sounds, it is a great moment to tell stories of ghosts and scares. What fine stories you share, besides that you are good at inventing your own stories, incredible hahaha. Hey how bad you are, scare your daughter hahaha, at least with the hugs you gave her, I know she calmed down, there is nothing better than a warm hug to calm the fear. Give me a part of days to join the challenge.

Ya she totally loved the hugs. Think that was her favorite part of the whole night.

Muchas gracias @enginewitty por pensar en mi y nominarme, asumiré el reto, "el llanero es del tamaño del compromiso que se le presenta" reza un refrán en mi tierra. Un abrazo y de nuevo mi agradecimiento.


No hay problema amigo. Tienes un buen corazón y eres muy positivo, debería ser un desafío fácil😎🤗

Thanks for the fun read, just like my meager VP, my Positivity P is bouncing pretty low lately, I know it's my old Gothic way of thinking. I should be a happy Goth...fixing a Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice tea.


That sounds real good, with some fried apple pies and maybe ice cream🥐🍦


My VP is still too low, when I get started on the comfort food I don't have to tell you where it's going.


Bwahahahaha! Past the lips and to the hips?

You're not supposed to scare them silly before bed. lol! Sounds like y'all had fun, though.