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RE: Are You Nomophobic? 5 Tips To Cure Smartphone Addiction

At some point I realized that I spend too much time thinking where and what with my phone. Is battery full enough, is it working, do I have new notifications and million other little thing about the phone. Then I decided to change that. I spoke to myself - why do I need phone and what functions of phone I really need. There was, obvious, speaking and sending messages to other, but also some specific for my job like navigation in new towns and... believed or not, I could not put another thing on the list. Web... yes, but I can easily live without surfing all the time. Social media... I have computer for that. Games... I have XBox for that. So I decided to start using ordinary non-smart phone and get very nice navigation for my car. My life is so much simplier now ;)


That is a brilliant idea!

In fact I did just that but in different circumstances - my smartphone wasn't working at the time, and I started using an old feature phone. But I found such relief knowing that I don't have to check for anything on my feature phone.

I was tempted to buy the new Nokia 3310 when it came out last year but then dropped the idea. For one, then I cannot use an app like eSteem which makes things convenient for me. I even write posts on my phone when I am outside, using a writing app. I may miss those small conveniences if I use a feature phone.