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A few days ago,

I showed my husband one of the many diatribes I see every day against "the LGBT agenda".

Whatever that is.

I looked at him deadpan and said, "I should start a contest for most epic face-palms."

I wish I had filmed his reaction as the first entry.


So I'm starting a contest for most epic face-palms.

Because of course I am.


In my opinion, these are the bar, so-to-speak:


The Rules:

1. Your entry must be either your most epic face-palm or your favorite epic face-palm.
2. Your entry may be in any format, including those other than image and video.
3. All entries that are not completely available on the site will be disqualified.
4. You may only submit one entry.
5. You may not use any of the four epic face-palms above.
6. All winners will be determined by total payout of the entrant's epic face-palm.


The Rewards:



  • 20% of the payout from this contest will be sent with proof to one winner.

  • 20% of the payout from this contest will be sent with proof to at least two runners-up.

  • 20% of the payout from this contest will be sent with proof to the first person to define "the LGBT agenda" without using any of the following words: "Illuminati", "NWO", "Soros", "Rothschild", "Lizard People", "Secret Society/ies", "Chemtrails", or "GMO".

#thealliance pagebreak.png

Here is my entry:

I will be in Baltimore for Passover with my family and will therefore not be on Steemit/Discord much until I return. I will try to keep updated to answer any questions, upvote each entry, and determine the winners, but may not be able to do so until March 9.



Contact Me:

Steem.Chat, Signal, ProtonMail: ancapbarbie
Discord: ancapbarbie#0001



When I read the comment by this bluefin idiot...

you know he's joking, yes?


I call bullshit.
As one of the Illuminati, responsible for funding George Soros, and our AntiGMO campaign, as well as the aggressive LGBT agenda we have pushed into schools via the GMO-free, gluten free vegan cheese, having you define our Secret Society, with your Rothschild-esque petulance, and clearly influenced by the lizard people around you, I find that no matter how high you write your scribe in the Chem Trails, you wont prevail until the last of my cold dead fingers are pried from my around my Long Form Birth Certificate.

That doesn't explain what it is, let alone why, which I suppose is what I find most baffling.

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