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An important few days ahead on the Steem blockchain.

Tomorrow a new hardfork takes place.

The day after is the deadline for applications to become a Community Curator for June.

The details for both are below. We suggest you read carefully.

Steem Hardfork 0.23

The witnesses have decided to introduce a new Hardfork.

In their supporting post witness @dev.supporters states that Hardfork 0.23, codename New Steem, is designed to…

1 To enhance STEEM network stability and STEEM user experience

2 To protect STEEM stakeholders from malicious attacks

3 To protect STEEM stakeholders' property rights

One of the main purposes of the hardfork is to reduce the powerdown period from 13 weeks to 4 weeks, but it has other important aspects as well.

Full details about the hardfork are in this announcement post from @softfork22888

The Hardfork is scheduled to take place at 2pm UTC on 20th May 2020.

The code is available at…

Community Curators

The deadline for applications for the June Community Curators comes up in a couple of days.

There is still time to apply...

There will again be seven Community Curator accounts available - two with 500K SP and five with 200K SP.

So far we have received June applications from @alikoc07, @beautychicks, @bitrocker2020, @ciska, @clixmoney, @darlenys01, @dilimunanzar, @elgranpoeta, @goodreader, @greece-lover, @lanzjoseg, @nextgen622, @project.hope, @roadofrich, @sportsncoffee, @stef1, @wherein and @yehey. If you have applied this month and are not on this list do comment below.

Everyone is welcome to apply including those who applied in the first round - both the successful and unsuccessful applicants. Any of the current Community Curators who would like to be considered for a continuation next month must submit a new application, or resubmit their previous one.

There are changes ahead.

Stay with us, join with us, and help build the new Steem.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

The Steeming Showcase

The @steemingcurators project has published its first ‘Steeming Showcase’ highlighting some exceptional posts from Steemians over the past seven days. This week they have been focusing on the music scene on Steem...

The Knitrias Project

The @knitrias Project has posted its third weekly report. It has welcomed a new member this week - @KaySmile44...

The project will shortly be receiving its 1000 SP delegation as a Community Leader in the STEEM POD.

APPICS Referral Program

@appics runs a popular referral program that has produced over 700 new signups over the last month.

They run a leaderboard for that program, and in first place this month is @michaelchijioke with over 100 signups...


The reduction in power down is cool. I hope other things be in our favour as well. Waiting for the fork.

Hey @steemcurator01

Hindi translation is ready for Indian community:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 47 - Hardfork 0.23 & Last Call for June Community Curators

Would like to invite curators if this post to my post @bullionstackers

May the Steem ♨♨♨ Force B with STEEMIANS 💙💙💙

Hey @steemcurator01 , Chinese translation for Chinese community is ready :- 百日steem:第47天-硬分叉HF23&六月社区审查员的最后提醒 | hive

In order to let more Chinese friends see and participate, the full text of that post of @steemitblog is translated.

为让更多的华人朋友看到和参与,本帖全文翻译 @steemitblog 原文.

Can the witnesses post to their respective steem accounts so we can see their views on this hardfork and explanation for these decisions?

If this really happened, then what could they say besides the word thief. Just get rid of those who are naughty @steemitblog. :)

I have created tutorial for witnesses on how to set up HF 23 witness server. This will help new witnesses to start faster now when there is not steem-in-a-box. @steemitblog


Sorry I missed this round. I will apply again for July. Good luck to all entry’s

The Fork finally brings peace to Steem. All the whining you've been doing around here could have left you here in peace, couldn't they? Did you have to squeeze every last dime out of the reward pool? Did the old witnesses have to tie knots when they got a block to sign, start Mico Fork to weaken the chain? Did they have to spread spam all the time? And above all HIVE had to exclude more than 300 members from the Airdop ? That was the beginning of your end.

The money will only be transferred to the account @Community123. There you can also apply to receive them again. Just like you did it, people can make a request to get the Airdrop back.

My sympathy is limited here. You did a lot of damage to Steem and a handful of old witnesses wanted to keep their power and wealth.

You could have left Steem in peace, but you wanted to leave scorched earth behind.

In four weeks, nobody will talk about it anymore, and it'll be forgotten. New money won't come to Hive, and the exchange rate won't even be worth a cent.

Steem will attract many investors because of the shortened PD time. These are exactly the ones who have been insulted by HIVE with racist remarks and theft of the Airdrop. With the Asian community in the background we will soon see how the share price develops.

I am glad that soon there will be peace and quiet here and that each of the two chains can develop as they see fit. The difference is, with Steem it will be done with the community, with HIVE the old guard will again lead the way. Those who do not parry will be flagged or expelled. There is only one opinion, and that is not the opinion of the users!

how many dicks you want suck before you realise that you shipping on a dead boat?

Didn't work out that well, aye?

First they came for the old witnesses — but I did not speak out because I was no old witness …

Steem will attract many investors

How? @justinsunsteemit has just demonstrated that he can steal any investors money at any hard fork he chooses.

Once you added the code to steal funds you will always be tempted to do it again and again.

I leave my report # 3 as steem greeters. I included the Spanish translations of Monday's challenge and the current one. Venezuela continues without the Internet.
Happy and long life.
Just commenting and Upvote,the posts of others, in addition to creating visual and written content we will move Steem on!

Congratulations, hardfork 23 was a success!

community321 joy.png

Good luck with all the achievements set. 💕

Thanks for the update The Steemit Team. I hope the HF 0.23 goes smoothly. Big thank you to our Steem Witnesses for keeping/guarding steem blockchain safe for the users. We looking forward to the New Steem! Steem on!

How about steeling the funds of users with HF23?

@worldcapture I'm sorry that they became a collateral damage of steem HF, but quoting crypticat here https://peakd.com/proposal/@crypticat/burn-821-hbd-day

  • @steem.dao wallet has 445,051 HBD and 83,370,205 HIVE which is slowly being converted into more HBD for the DAO
  • the 83 million HIVE and 164000 of the HBD represent Steemit's Stake and those accounts which supported Justin Sun's witness takeover, this currency injection is new to the Decentralized Hive Fund

I think the affected accounts can claim their excluded steem from steem hf 0.23 with those hive funds from accounts that excluded from hive fork airdrop. The good hive community will support it I think.

We know the witnesses don’t initiate or control these forks. Stop the bullshit.

Thank you @steemitblog for this updates, we hope for this hard for benefit all of us and bring stability in Steem.

To protect STEEM stakeholders from malicious attacks
To protect STEEM stakeholders' property rights

This hard fork did the opposite. It has shown me that @justinsunsteemit can still appoint 20 witnesses to do his bidding and that the witnesses can use and hard fork to steal funds.

You have just executed a malicious attacks on property rights. As a stakeholder I feel horrified.

What will happen on day 100 - exit scam?

If you are not yet part of the Revolution, it is still possible to join us. Read this post to learn how.


I find it very funny that you speak about stabilizing the chain, yet you are the reason that witnesses change every few days and that currently 4 of the top 20 witnesses are disabled.

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