The Diary Game – 4 July 2020

Happy (day after) Independence Day!

My Day

Casey begging for attention

I woke up around 10:30am. I went downstairs and worked on the couch on my diary entry for July 3rd for quite a while (it took much longer than I had expected). Casey kept me company while I wrote. I also scanned some sheet music and sent them to @cmp2020 for future Music For Steem entries. Next, I ate some mini-bagels and watched an episode of Boy Meets World.

Some freshly popped popcorn!

Then I popped some popcorn and started playing Minecraft with @cmp2020. We dueled and played Bed Wars. I don’t think we won many times…oh well. You win some, you lose some (or a lot). I would say we played for about two hours before I left to do Day 4 of the Chloe Ting 2-Week Shred Challenge. This day’s workout videos included full body, abs, and core/arms. After that difficult workout, my sister and I watched some cooking videos on YouTube as we did some cool-down stretches.

The cover (1 of 16 different ones) of the March15/22 2019 double-issue of Entertainment Weekly.

I went upstairs to take a shower. When I came back downstairs, I started reading an old issue of Entertainment Weekly that was dedicated entirely to Game of Thrones. It was published before Season 8 aired, so I knew there wouldn’t be any spoilers for what I haven’t yet seen. It had “sound-bites” from other shows that reference the pop-culture phenomenon; it had an article about filming a then-undisclosed episode that was entirely a battle (having already seen this episode, I can title it “The Long Night”); it had interviews with showrunners and actors and crew members; it had a summary of each episode of the series (complete with writers, directors, major plot points, naming new characters/concepts/places, and “historic moment”). There’s a lot more to this special double-issue, but I didn’t get a chance to finish reading the 76 pages-worth of content because I went to eat dinner.

For July 4th, my mom grilled steaks. We also had green beans that were fresh from my dad’s vegetable garden. We went downstairs to eat so that we could watch stuff. First, we watched a deleted scene from the movie Almost Famous (which we had watched as a family for Father’s Day) that requires audience members to play “Stairway to Heaven” on their own over the footage because the producers of the movie couldn’t secure the rights to the song. After watching this scene, we started watching home videos. The videos ranged from a few ages (infant and toddler). There are definitely some hilarious moments in there. We ended up watching home videos for at least two hours (possibly three).

My victory over Christopher at the word game (he also won one game).
Footage from the R30 tour DVD.

At 10:30pm, I talked to Christopher. We talked about our days, played the word game on Houseparty, and discussed a news article that he had sent me. Around 11:30pm, I went back downstairs (where my family had begun listening to music rather loudly—clearly audible from upstairs where I was talking). We listened to one of my dad’s mixtapes (yes, literally a cassette mixtape), and then watched some of Rush’s R30 tour (of which we have the official DVD). We ended up listening to Rush until 1am.

Casey wanting a belly-rub.

When we went upstairs, my sister and I ended up talking for a few hours about lots of things: Game of Thrones (which she had watched; I also read aloud some of the Entertainment Weekly magazine), ordering yarn, Marvel actors/characters, and more. While I had meant to go to bed much earlier, it was nice talking for a while. I immediately went to bed after we stopped talking.

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