My Favorite TV Show: Billions

When I think of my favourite TV shows I could go on forever, but I thought it would be easier to focus on my favourite one at the money. Billions by Showtime is the only show I'm actually following at the moment and the only show I feel is worth checking out at this time. Season 5 has 3 episodes out as is, and the next one should release this Sunday.

I have to say I'm surprised at the quality of season 5 as the previous season was starting to show signs of fatigue and running out of ideas but this one looks to be getting back to its best.

There aren't many shows that can run for five seasons and maintain its quality i'd say Peaky Blinders and Game of Thrones are one of the few to crack it in recent years.


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What is Billions about?

Billions drop us into the world of high finance as we follow the life and times of a savvy U.S. Attorney in New York and a leading hedge-fund manager who stops at nothing to make a profit.

U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades goes after hedge fund king Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in a battle between two powerful New York figures and their battle leaves plenty of damage along the way as they play a massive open-world version of chess.

It may not sound like the most interesting topic or setup, but trust me the backstabbing, double-crossing, bribery, manipulation and general drama is so well played out you will be gripped during every episode as things are constantly on a knife-edge.

Trailer for Billions: Season 5

What I like about the show

The show doesn't just focus on the two main characters but gives supporting characters and fleshes out a massive cast of supporting characters all with their own personalities, backstories arcs and roles they need to play to further the story.

The show doesn't have much going for it visually but it relies on snappy writing and dialogue along with clearly written plots and subplots to keep you entertained for hours.

The acting in Billions is also of really high quality with both he main characters and supporting characters making the characters their own and bringing their personality to life on screen, it sometimes feels like you're watching actual people and not some show even when some of it can be overelaborate.

The writers while not skilled in every topic they write about draw from several tech, financial and legal concepts to make the show an interconnected web of lies, deceit, genius and criminal behaviour.

It shows us the cutthroat life of some of the worlds most ruthless 1% and why they've stayed there for so long.

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Hmmm somehow they all look familiar... I think I watched one episode of this but I don't remember. Or maybe it's just how their faces are familiar from other series. Haha. Oh well.

Right now I'm watching Devils, abt economy and banking/trading. I already finished Money Game, a Korean Drama series about economy and banking/finance. I just finished my review of it. Once done with Devils I will write a review too.

And of course I will check on Billions again later. Perhaps I won't get bored with it... I dunno.

I've never heard of Devils, I'll have to check it out, it looks interesting. Please tag me in the review so I can check it out

It's a new series from Sky. Will do when I write it after the series is done. 😄

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