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RE: My Favorite TV Show: Billions

in #the100daysofsteem2 months ago (edited)

Hmmm somehow they all look familiar... I think I watched one episode of this but I don't remember. Or maybe it's just how their faces are familiar from other series. Haha. Oh well.

Right now I'm watching Devils, abt economy and banking/trading. I already finished Money Game, a Korean Drama series about economy and banking/finance. I just finished my review of it. Once done with Devils I will write a review too.

And of course I will check on Billions again later. Perhaps I won't get bored with it... I dunno.


I've never heard of Devils, I'll have to check it out, it looks interesting. Please tag me in the review so I can check it out

It's a new series from Sky. Will do when I write it after the series is done. 😄

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