1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game : Teams update

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As Season 2 of the Diary Game reaches its finale we just wanted to check we have all the Teams in our system.

There is 2000 STEEM up for grabs for the Team prizes.

So we hope all members of teams are still encouraging each other to post as often as possible. There are still points to be won!

The Diary Game Season 2 Teams

Below is the list of Diary Game Teams we are tracking in our system.

If anyone is in a team that isn't on the list please post details and members in a comment below. Remember all teams had to be declared before the start of the season so you will need to include a link to your 'Team Announcement Post'.

Also if we have any of the team members wrong please let us know in the comments as well...

We will be interested in feedback on whether people found Teams a useful addition to this second season of The Diary Game.

It seems to have added a useful extra dimension, but we are keen to hear what you think.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

Building Communities

For anyone interested in building strong communities check out this post from @sapwood...

The Steem Greeters Team

The Steem Greeters Team are doing an excellent job helping newcomers through the early stages of their life on Steem.

@cryptokannon has posted an introduction to all the different members of the team...

Practical Cooking Contest

If you enjoy cooking and you enjoy entering contests check out the Practical Cooking Contest run by @alikoc07 in the new SteemFood Community...

Contests, Contests, Contests

Contests are blossoming on Steem.

@rishabh99946 is doing a great job maintaining a list of all the current contests around the blockchain.

If you know of any contests not on his list, add a comment to his latest post...



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples both in Venezuela.


Hi! Good day! For the Team Philippines, you missed some of the members. Here is the complete list of Team Philippines:


Thank you!

Thank you for this my dear.

Teams can only have five members. Who are the five in Team Philippines?

Thank you for the clarifications. These are the final five:

@fycee @kneelyrac @pingcess @loloy2020 and @appleskie

Since @olivia08, @sarimanok, @dashand, and @diosarich are no longer active.

Thank for confirming the team members - they are now on our list.

I am fascinated with how people from all over the world participated bringing steem great again as ever. Team Philippines no longer have @dashand and @sarimanok.

Here are the active ones: @kneelyrac @pingcess @loloy2020 and @appleskie.

Thank you for this great opportunity.

I apologize for the delay in confirming your post.
The members of the Japanese team @japansteemit are the following four people.
@cryptokannon @abbey701 @elitogold @yadamaniart 
@yadamaniart is posting in Japanese.

ah I overlooked on @yadamaniart , nice that you notice that @abbey701 thanks 😃

THE 1000 DAYS OF STEEM || 31/07/2020 || Steem-Bangladesh|| Team Announcement For The Diary Game Season 2 From Bangladesh

The name of our team is not in your list I announced the name of my team before the scheduled time. Please check. @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Sorry for missing this. Who are the five members of your team - there seem to be more than five in the post?

We made a big mistake. We did not understand that we have to form a team of maximum 5 members. What should we do now? Have we failed? Or get a chance? @steemcurator01

Just chose the five players you want to be in the team - and list here.

Great, thank you. Your team is now on the list.

You are welcome

We have selected our team within the stipulated time and informed it through announcement. But I'm worried we won't see our team here.

So what are the details of your team - name, members and announcement post link ?

@toufiq777 has already submitted all the details. We were a member of a team.
thanks @steemcurator01 for your time.

I really found teams very useful in this season 2 Diary game. For @steemghana-team, apart from @menak who isn't consistent in playing the game all the 4 members have been doing great job and we are able to plan things in common.

Contest!, Contest!!, Contest!!!, is becoming increasingly interesting participating in all kinds of contest. I think you have missed my contest I posted last 2 days. Get the link here, maybe you can update that one too for many to know what is going on. We are gonna shake to steem platform, more invites are looking forward to join with the idea of 3R's. Thanks for this great compilation of country teams🙏😀


To say that it was a good experience is to fall short, every moment from the beginning was excellent, I was able to know in depth these people who were part of my team to make an excellent bond of joke stall and other things, each one supporting each other and Although we lost a member, we did not give up anything to move on. I feel proud and it is an honor to be in that team as well as to have witnessed this experience with the positive and negative that it brought to each one of us.

Thanks for this update, the initiative of team has been helping a lot and i think it should continue because it helps to encourage one another.

it was very unfortunate that i couldn't meet up the announcement of teams, but currently i am an active member of @steemalive community, and from my view i will like the initiative of teams to continue, because it foster engagements. Thank you for the updates.

Hello @steemcurator01 sir....
I am not a member of any team from india. So what is the processor to join any team.

Great to see all the team list. But, our team is not in that list. Please check @steemitblog, @steemcurator01.

Thank you for making a very good decision and for posting the update soon. But sadly, Our team name is not given in this post. Please check @steemitblog, @steemcurator01
Our team name is @steem-bangladesh

Hello @steemitblog China-Dream Team has five members including @hykwf678233 @vickyli @choseal-leo @tenki and @suguchu
@suguchu is missing from the list
This is our team building declaration: https://steemit.com/wherein/@vickyli/wherein-1595813013544-s
@suguchu has left a comment under this article to confirm that he is a member of China-Dream Team.
Please check it out, thank you.

Thanks for this - @suguchu is now added to the list.

at least having one can help the leader at work, although sometimes there are team members who are not active, this can usually be handled by the leader.

We will be interested in feedback on whether people found Teams a useful addition to this second season of The Diary Game.It seems to have added a useful extra dimension, but we are keen to hear what you think

Thank you so much @steemitblog for coming up with the idea of splitting community into teams for the purpose of the diary game season 2. It added a great spice to the game and became a great source of encouragement to all members to continue in the game. It also fostered much engagements among teams and even beyond. Great friendships have also been formed as result. The idea was superb. Thump up to you all.

Hello steemitblog!

Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! For a chance to get more of your content resteemed join the Steem Engine Team

Wow, semua adalah tim dengan dukungan orang- orang hebat.👍👍

Hello @steemitblog, I've read the list of teams on this latest update and found out that there were only 3 members on team Philippines and I even don't see my username. I'm @loloy2020 and I'm active on #thedairygame challenge, here is my lastest post

Latest Diary Post

Please have time to read and support together with @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 and the whole steemit team.

By the way here are the list of members for team Philippines 🇵🇭.



Teams can only have five members - who are the five members of your team?

Here are the active Team Philippines 🇵🇭 @fycee @kneelyrac @pingcess @loloy2020 and @appleskie.

Thank you @steemitblog for this update.
You missed @team5-nigeria. That the team i am working with.

Well i found teams useful as i got to meet people i dont know, forming a group and speaking our thoughts.

I like that scenario where people of different mind express their thoughts. I sit down and observe nature as it is amazing.

Who are the members of @team5-nigeria ?

Sorry i didnt mention that
Here are my team mates
and @steemit4dan as team

Thank you for the members - the team is now on our list.

Thank you very much

Indeed it a nice breakdown an i love the arrangement,of course the term has been supportive

Thank you for updates!
A team from Ukraine Ukrainian Dreamer also has its separate account — @ukrainiandreamer (this is not very useful information for you because our posts are not being resteemed by our captain... but, anyway, I decided to mention this).

To tell the truth, our team is ruined. That's why I feel more vulnerable as a player being in a team. But I also see another teams, and they are doing great! I think, one of the best teams is Made In Ukraine - @madein.ukraine.
My conclusion: before choosing a team, learn a posting history of all its potential members. I haven't learned. That is my mistake.

Thank you re the @ukrainiandreamer account - now added for completeness.

Don't worry about not having an active team - you are doing well in the individual contest.

The formation of teams enabled us to get to know our individual countrymen better. We are now a big family since we have grown to know each other by reading and commenting on each other's diary gane entries.

Our communication is now a lot stronger as we have grown fond of each other. This is incredibly vital if we are going to push steem to the next level within our respective countries.

Sin duda la formación de equipos en esta segunda temporada del The Diary Game, ha permitido que compartamos más a fondo con otras personas, y que de igual manera sirven de apoyo, además fomenta el crecimiento de la blockchain y hace notable a cada participante. Sin embargo creo que se pudieron haber abarcado más objetivos en cuanto a los equipos, más hasta ahora vamos bien y vamos por más @steemitblog...

#onepercent #venezuela

Team Work makes the dream work and foster unity both and off the blockchain, I can’t wait to see how this fans out, thanks for the opportunity

Thanks for this team update. But is there no team from Bangladesh?

There's a need to bring more vibrancy within the team performance. Take it as a collaborating activity, understood the geographical aspect of residing members might bring in a challenge to have a collaborative like post/#diarygame entry but it could achieved in two diff ways.

  1. Those residing in same close locality - could engage in an activity together, term it as a meet-up made up of team members only. Tasks that could be done may vary from the old planet earth cleaning, all the way to marketing techniques around where the venue of the meet-ups are taking place. Killing 3 birds with a tiny pebble.

  2. Those residing far from each other under same country, ..(check more on this on my thoughts on the #Contest : What does steem mean to you? as challenged by one beautychicks)



Saya dari Indonesia, saya selalu mengikuti semua update dari steemitblog, postingan The Diary Game dari season 1 dan 2 semuanya tidak terlewati karena memang setiap hari nya ada cerita yang kita jalani, semoga bisa mendapatkan sedikit hadiah dari contest ini,salam sukses..

Terima kasih.

By @ana07

Saludos @steemitblog ha sido una experiencia en grupo interesante. Mi grupo siempre presente, me ha encantado conocer más cercano a mis amigas, al igual que a muchos venezolanos, nos ha tocado duro a algunas integrantes, han demostrado una fuerza de trabajo y de ánimo que yo no sabía que existía, han amanecido tratando de ponerse al día, han tenido que ir a otras casas pagando por el servicio de internet. De verdad no sabía que tenía unas personas tan valiosas en el equipo, sabía que escribían bonito, cocinaban sabroso, pero ese esfuerzo extra que hacen por no fallarle al equipo es increíble, de alto valor en mi corazón.
Mi equipo en el listado está completo no falta ningún integrante, gracias por mantenernos informados.
Gracias son maravillosas @yurilaya, @zhanavic69, @mafalda2018, @marybellrg y mi persona @sacra97 presentes.

Greetings @steemitblog it has been an interesting group experience. My group always present, I have loved getting to know my friends closer, like many Venezuelans, some members have had a hard time, they have shown a work force and spirit that I did not know existed, they have dawned trying to get per day, they have had to go to other houses paying for internet service. I really did not know that I had such valuable people on the team, I knew that they wrote beautifully, cooked tasty but that extra effort they make to not fail the team is incredible, of high value in my heart.
My team in the list is complete, no member is missing, thank you for keeping us informed.

I totally agree with every word from @ sacra97 despite the difficulties we continue to fight together until the end, it has been a wonderful experience, interacting daily, sharing information, advice through a WhatsApp group. Very proud of my team @vikingastopfive

Can I get a place in any team of India, my user name is @nuralishaikh

Eso es correcto, pero solo seguimos en la competencia solo dos @jorgebgt y @rosauradels; del equipo familia de Venezuela, Gracias por todo!

Thank you for the team update, @steemitblog. Please there's a little mix up on the members of teamg-nigeria.

The members are @greatness96, @princesstj, @senicbliss, @oluwatobiloba and @unyime.

Here's the team announcement post for confirmation:

Thanks again.

Firstly, great work pulling out the database.
I belong to steemalive2 and two of our members were excluded from that list namely @iamdanny and @samuel20
I've notified them so they should also be here to verify this.

Ps: @steemalive2 isn't a member of the team, it was only created to enhance our presence. I apologise if this turned out confusing.

Weldone and steem on!

You are right

Thanks @doppley for mentioning us

Hola @steemcurator01 cumplo con informarle que de mi equipo @arrozconcoco solo quedo yo @mariela53, los demás integrantes desertaron. Saludos

Dear @steemitblolg,I @whitedtallion,team leader of of the Nigerian team @steemalive2, wishes to being to your notice the omission of some of my team members.

According to the rules of the diary game,team members are meant to 5 in number,but here only three of my team members were listed,while @samuel20 and @iamdanny were omitted. I kindly ask they get added to the team.

Here is the complete list
Here is our introduction post for reference.

Alright @whitestalion you have done noble.

Thanks @whitestallion for speaking on our behalf

This is a great move bro .
More leadership opportunities to you man.

Hi Steemit team,

Just a small correction request, the team name of @monz122 @ritz4 @prema46 @harsh14 @archie14 is teaminspirationbharat.

Hi @steemitblog , First of all I would like to express my gratitude to the steemit community. My endless gratitude to everyone on the Steemit team.

I did two accounts due to ignorance that I am very ashamed.I am very ashamed of this.I apologize to all the members of the steem team.
My account (solaiman) was banned yesterday.

I am especially ashamed of @steemcueator01 and @kiwi-crypto. I apologize to you in a special way.Never again will such a mistake happen in life.
Please allow me to post the diary game again.I will be grateful to the steemit team.

The lying and denying was your main problem.

I will never do that again.Please give me a chance.

@steemcurator01 Please allow permission to post.😭

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