1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 16 - Mini Challenge #3 - Steemit T-Shirts

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Who likes T-Shirts ?

And who would like some Steemit T-Shirts ??

From deep in the vaults of Steemit HQ we have rediscovered our supplies of Steemit T-Shirts.

We have several hundred of them and we are wondering who in the Steem Community could make good use of them...

Would you like some Steemit T-shirts?

We are keen for the T-shirts to be used to help promote Steem and Steemit around the world.

Therefore to kick off the distribution of the T-shirts we have made up five packs of 9 T-shirts ready to ship to anyone anywhere in the world who can make good use of them.

If you are interested in receiving a pack of T-shirts make a post saying how you would use the T-shirts to help promote Steem and Steemit in your country.


There are three different styles of T-shirt.

In terms of size we mainly have medium, large, XL and XXL.

The packs of 9 T-shirts we will be sending out will be mixed styles and mixed sizes. We won't be able to do any specific size or style requests with this first distribution.

As this is our first time sending these packs out we don't know how long shipping will take.



For the lucky recipients of the T-shirts we will be keen to see how you put them to use.

So if you make posts saying how you used the T-shirts to promote Steem and Steemit with photos of groups of people wearing them we will give out some very upvotes.

This is a short challenge, running until Friday, July 31st.

Posts can be in any language.

Drop links to your posts under our comment below.

We will be upvoting the best ones.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.


I'd make them into cloth face coverings (niqabs) with the Steeemit logo.

This is an amazing idea, really getting more interesting @steemitblog i can't wait to have a steemit T.shirt as it will help in advertising the steemit ecosystem,

I am a member of @steemalive and i can't wait to wear my own steemit T-shirt to my working place, school when it resumes and seminars, i believe the shirt will attract questions and an explanation would help give people knowledge about steemit

Our community @steemalive has had thought of doing this earlier and with the idea coming alive now, we hope to do exceedingly great with it.

This is our community entry for the contest https://steemit.com/hive-167622/@steemalive/1000-days-of-steem-day-16-mini-challenge-3-steemit-t-shirts-our-application

Steeming all the way

Baju kaos yang keren dengan logo steemit, semua orang menginginkannya,

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 Super update!
It is great gift for promotion of Steem. I liked it. I want to have t-shirt for me. Could i get it?

This is super great. We at @steemalive were making plans to get branded T-shirts and cap to promote Steemit. This came at the right time. I will quickly make a post to apply on behalf of our community. Thank you @steemitblog for this initiative

Can i get one T-shirt for myself?

wow, that's a great initiative. If I were to get the t-shirt, I will be wearing it to dance on tiktok for branding awareness,, then asking all steemian who wear the steemit shirt to do dance challenge and we tag each other there on tiktok. Maybe it will go viral and will have dogecoin effects too? haha

dance challenge sounds great!

Just all In 💙 #Steem 💙 On ! ♨♨♨

Ini bisa menjadi hal yang baru dalam mempromosikan steemit kepada orang banyak.


Thank you..

Nice idea of spreading the t-shirts, I think I have also some ideas that I wanted to put in the post about that.

@steemitblog and @steemcurator01 as you mentioned that you are supporting Contests, we have started another @art-venture ArtContest with our own Steem and our two sponsors : @xpilar and @steem-agora, bringing winning pot to 175 Steem.

Just if you would like to upvote the post, that will help us to collect some Steem for future Contest. Also if you would like to advertise , so that many Steemians will be able to see it:


Just upvoted - will that help?

Thank you for Upvote that will definitely help, @art-venture account is there just for such supportive and sponsoring work that we try to provide to Visual Artists, that is why it is separate from our own @stef1 one.

In the past we had support of @steempress and @kpine who were upvoting automatically daily showcase but since Steem and Hive are separated we just trying to find other supporters. The Steem from the post will be used for further contests, it also helps us to provide better reward for Honorable mentioning, so altogether we have 7 prices for 7 users

That looks fun ... as a true steemian I want to enter.
@steemotblog and @steemcurator01 I apologize earlier, I have recruited a team from Indonesia to #thediarygame season2.


I want to ask, do I have to create a new account for our team?
Thank for this @steemitblog and @steemcurator01


Hi @steemitblog, this is my entry

Today, following the 3rd mini challenge is very encouraging about T-Shitlrt w... https://steempeak.com/knitrias-project/@f21steem/1000-steel-days-day-16-mini-challenge-3-steemit-shirt

Thank you, @steemcurator01 @steemitblog

Hello @steemitblog. Que genial idea, que divertido
What a great idea, what fun.

As a member of #steemalive we already made suggestions for getting a branded t-shirt and cap for our community to promote steem but this come at just the right time and here is a link to the post on how we can utilize this t-shirts if we're fortunate enough to get it https://steemit.com/hive-167622/@steemalive/1000-days-of-steem-day-16-mini-challenge-3-steemit-t-shirts-our-application

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready :-1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 16 - Mini Challenge #3 - Steemit T-Shirts

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters

With steemit t-shirts, we'll be a complete steemit team. We already has plans, yes! But if we could get this directly from the steemit world, it'll be an honour . Here's our entry;


¡Hola @steemitblog y @steemcurator01.

Esta es la presentación de nuestro team:

Somos @cronosclocks, @malomitv, @leo-audio, @memes777 y @arlettemsalase.
Espero les guste <3


Wow!this is amazing.have always wanted steemit t.shirt since i joined 2years ago but had never been able to get one or make one for myself.
I hope to be one of those people to be picked out for the t.shirts.
Let me get to writting right away.
Thanks @steemitblog,steemcirator01 and the entire team for keeping us steeming.
Great work you are doing for this family of steemians.

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, all my post made haven't been curated, even my shopping game entry of four days ago. I know you guys are really trying and I would love to offer a solution of applying to be part of the curating team for the Steemit team. I would love to know the procedures to take to accomplish this and also, I would love for my over 6 posts to be curated, some have even already paid out..

I hope I get a response..thank you and kudos to your excellent work so far

The only relevant post we haven't visited yet is The Shopping Game post from 3 days ago - that has just now been curated.

Your other posts are not for any of our challenges so we don't curate them.

The Steemit Team

Okay. Thank you..but I must confess, the curation value I have been getting of late has been really really small.

Have I been doing it wrong or something to deserve a low upvote? I sincerely need to know so I could act or write better according to the games guideline.

Also, regarding the teams which are allowable to enter the contest..must the team be five. Can't it be more than 5 members

Good evening, excellent initiative, I think it is very good to promote the platform in different ways!

On the other hand, I want to leave my link of individual presentation for the teams, I am part of the team @loscafeteros TEAM COLOMBIA and my publication I believe has not been visited yet. Greetings!!


It looks like it's a great gift to promote steemit. Thank you so much

Greetings @steemitblog a while ago we had been told that if we had a contest you could support us, here is a contest that I have promoted and I would love to get your support:

Thank you so much for everything ...
Let's go for more!

sorry maybe my question does not concern your post !!

I'm curious about the change in steem now !!

Is Steem with Hive different?

I get a delegation of 50 SteemPower, but it doesn't show up on the Hive !!

dumb dead cunts say steemit. any PIG CUNT LOSERS here?


Just the links in standard text, no screenshots.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Доброго времени суток! Мой пост с идеями использования этих футболок.


Hello Steemitblog, I would eager to get the Steemit T shirt to promote Steemit blockchain, this is a amazing program, and it is the link to my post to apply the T shirt and my plan to promote Steem. Looking forward to the good news. Thank you!

Interesting, yes go and healthy strategy to advertise our great platform.

It looks like it's a great gift to promote steemit. I will feel very lucky if I get it. Is it possible for me to get it?

¡Me muero de ganas por tener una camiseta de Steemit!

@steemitblog and @steemitcurator01, this is my entry on using steemit T-shirt to promote steem. Please chexk it out, Thanks!
I love steemit💜💕!

This is Mini Challenge #3 - Steemit T-Shirts for how I would use the T-shirts to help promote Steem and Steemit.


Hi steemit team🌻

Here's my entry, thanks💜☕️


Serìa fabuloso tener una de esas camisetas y poder lucirla y, cuando la gente se acerque a preguntar que significa, poderle hablar de las bondades de Steemit y lo bien que la pasa uno aqui, ademas de crecer y percibir ganancias econòmicas. Excelente propuesta, equipo @steemitblog. Calentando ya los motores para comenzar el Juego del Diario el dìa de mañana. Un abrazo y nos vemos en el camino...

This is my first time for the contest. Hope the team likes it. Thanks!


I would appreciate having this shirt. The following in medium size.

I inform that I already show T-Shirt to my followers and I always wear them during the summer. Below my post about it

Congratulations @thegreens, my mentor

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