1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 12 - The Diary Game Season 2 - Recruitment Contest - New Points System

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As we mentioned in previous announcements Recruitment is going to be an important part of Season 2 of The Diary Game that starts on August 1st.

There were some magnificent recruitment efforts in Season 1 - particularly from @rishabh99946, @vipnata, @vict0r, @alexmove, and @toufiq777.

The system worked well, but we want to make it even better for Season 2.

The Diary Game Season 2 - Recruitment Points Contest

In Season 1 the Recruitment Points earnt were integrated into the main Diary points system, and was quite complicated to track.

In Season 2 Recruitment Points will be separate from Diary Points and will be run as their own contest with their own prize pool of at least 1000 STEEM. If it goes well we will look to increase that.

For the new season we are making the earning of Recruitment Points easier, more robust and easier to administer.

Quite simply, when you recruit someone to The Diary Game from August 1st you will earn one point for every valid diary post they make.

So if you recruit someone right at the beginning of Season 2 and they post every day you would earn 50 points.

Or if you recruit them half way through and then they only make 3 posts you will earn just 3 points.

We hope this will encourage Recruiters to work with the people they recruit to guide them and help them to keep posting as often as possible in The Diary Game.

To qualify for the Recruitment Points, anyone you recruit must either be new to Steem, or have been dormant on the blockchain for at least 12 months.

New recruits should also make a 'This Is Me' introduction type post and include a link to it at the bottom of all their diary posts.

They must also mention the name of the Recruiter in at least their first three diary posts.

Recruiters should not offer voting incentives or financial rewards to entice people to say they recruited them. Anyone found doing this will be disqualified from the Recruitment contest.

We welcome comment and feedback from the community on this new Recruitment Points system.

If you think there is anything that is not workable, or any angle we have missed please let us know.

The Shopping Game - Increased Prize Pool

We have today passed 150 participants in The Shopping Game with over 50 posts per day.

To celebrate this, for the remaining week of the game we are increasing the daily prize pool to the equivalent of $180 in upvotes - with a maximum of $60 for any one entry (equivalent to a 100% upvote from @steemcurator01).

We would also strongly advise people to check they are following the latest Rules and Guidelines for the game...

Quite a few people are missing out on the chance of a prize vote because they miss out one or more of the requirements - either the date in the title, the location of the shop or market they went to, or the summary of total expenditure in their local currency and converted to either STEEM or US dollars.

If you see anyone not including all the information they need to and you can explain it to them in their language (if that is not English) please do. We always like to reward those sorts of helpful comments through the Lucky 10s.

Lucky 10s - Are you missing out?

We are still giving out twenty 10% upvotes ($10) every day to people making relevant and interesting comments on other people's Shopping Game posts.

But we are struggling to find enough suitable comments to give the Lucky 10 votes to.

This is easy money. You just have to read the Shopping Game posts and make a relevant, interesting comment before @steemcurator01 arrives to vote. That currently gives you at least 2 days at present.

We are hoping we can repeat the recruitment success of Season 1 and more in Season 2.

The Diary Game does seem to offer the perfect mix for Recruitment and Retention.

We will need to make some further tweaks to ensure we pick up all new players as soon as possible.

But we are optimistic for another successful recruitment season starting on August 1st - especially with the instant signup system now available.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.


This is really awesome!, The shopping game have been very great lately, I in particular I have been winning some great upvotes for little items I buy, just because I need to follow the rules. One point for recruitment is very great. I want to ask, I for instance for few days after the Diary Game season 1 I have been getting a lot of sign ups to begin season 2, almost 10 people have been signed up through me. In that case can I get points on them or because I signed them up before season 2 no points for me. Because I have been busy signing the people around me here in Ghana into ensuring that they are verified through the "Newcomer's Community" powered by @cryptokannon and her team. Thanks for your support Steemit Team.

Thanks for all your great posts and for all your recruitment work.

We will make an announcement about people recruited between the two Diary Game seasons shortly.

@steemitblog. These are really great plans for the growth of Steemit. We will work hard as a community to work towards and achieve the 3Rs. We are already working hard on each member of our community to have a personal plan and goal towards the 3Rs. These are really exciting times and we look forward to.the happy moments just ahead of us.

Thanks from @SteemAlive

That is great. Good luck to your team in Season 2.

The rule of the game is fair enough.

congratulations to the winners, and greetings from Indonesia. and I will also work hard to advance steemit.

Steen on....

Selamat buat rekan yang sudah terpilih sebagai seorang kampium dalam dunia steem dalam merekrut para steemians muda serta partisipasi yang sangat luar biasa terutama buat sahabat steemit yang berasal dari india @rishabh99946 pada sesi satu yang terpilih oleh team steemit

#Steem ♨♨♨ On ! 💙💙💙

This is very interesting. I am going to share this information with the new Uganda steemians that I am going to be meeting tomorrow. I am looking forward to earning some good recruitment points from their daily active participation in the forthcoming diary game season 2.

This strategy is going to usher in more new users as the recruiters keep on getting motivated with the valuable recruitment points. Woow... 1000 steem prize. That's some great and exciting prize offer for the would-be winner.

Thanks so much, Steem Team for the updates.

Wow. I have recruits ready for the diary game. It's not easy retaining them to but I'll still try my best to.

When I can three weeks ago I didn't make a this is me blog. I don't know if it's still necessary to.


I already on-boarded people on steem just waiting for dairy game to be started

What if they already introduced themselves after joining, is that ok if they post the link of there introduction rather than “this is me”

Me and a few of my friends are trying. In the second session, I and my friends from Bangladesh will be able to join many people. Because of those who joined the first session. They got good support from @steemcurator01. So, they are trying too. They told their friends. I hope 30-40 new members from Bangladesh will join in the second session. If we can help new members. Then many more people will join in the future.

No thing can be done in one day. You can only succeed if you try slowly. I'm trying too. I opened a community called #SteemBangladesh. Currently there are 60 members active in the group. This is good news for us.

Great initiative. This will really help drive more people on the platform

Gracias por mantenernos siempre activos e informados!! Entraremos en esta competencia. Gracias.

I'll try to get more people from my country to join! It'll be a fun process to participate from the diary game and to help them understand Steem! :)

That will be great to get more people from Argentina joining the Diary Game.

If you could a Team from Argentina that would be even better.

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Teams are encouraged to register an account name for the team for announcement posts and for receiving any prizes.

Is this thing is a must? 🥺 Can I post it in my account by adding beneficiaries?

It is optional. Beneficiaries would work as well. It is up to each team to decide what works best for them.

It is doesn't affect the scoring in anyway.

I like separate prize pools as it protects the main game against being dominated by recruitment. Good job.

Not sure I'll feel like playing but I'm a lot closer now than before this change, as writing is enjoyable for me and recruiting really isn't.

That would be great if you would like to join in Season 2.

Thank you @steemitblog for this great efforts.

I have recruited about 18 people for the season 2 of the diary game. But some have started with the shopping game after more than 12 months of being dormant.

When the diary game begins by August 1st, will their daily posts still give me points, since they have started with the shopping game already?

How can I withdraw my money?
i got bored of the new steemit

How can I withdraw my money?
i got bored of the new steemit

What do I need to do to restore my account to its previous state?

Hey @steemcurator01 & @steemitblog

Hindi translation is ready:-1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 12 - The Diary Game Season 2 - Recruitment Contest - New Points System

Reward is also distributed in charities and post promoters.

Today one of invited friend write his first post on steem which is his introduction This is me, Rahul from India
Hope everyone will welcome him on this platform

The logo contest has already 5 participation, price has been increased as @team-mexico is supported with 10 steem to winner the contest is still running till Sunday :- STEEMING INDIA :- New Community + LOGO Contest

Participate and win steem

Steem on everyone

In Season 2 Recruitment Points will be separate from Diary Points It is an amazing thing, because it will be two ways to win, dear @steemitblog, #team-steemit

Thank you for the appreciation of my work. It is very valuable to me! Together we can realize our ambitious plans.

Hi) I have a question
"Teams are encouraged to register an account name for the team for announcement posts and for receiving any prizes. However all diary posts should be made on the individual member accounts."

Do I have to register an account with the team name? Necessarily new?Can I get one of the old tech accounts? The team will be named as the nickname of the account))

If you have another old account that is suitable for a team name you are welcome to use that.

Hi @steemitblog @steemcurator01 The Steemit Team, the idea of separating the Recruitment Points from the Diary Points is a great idea to encourage the retention effort from the recruiters. As recruiting someone into the program is much easier than to retain them as the retention effort is a continuous effort.

I want to suggest that for "This Is Me" post, they can just link their "Achievement 1: Introduction through verification" at the end of every of their diary post. One of the objectives of Achievement 1 is for the newcomers to verify themselves as this is to reduce any attempt to create multiple accounts to abuse the program. This can help #thediarygame in that regards too.

Please also suggest that the newcomers join the diary game to at least pass the Achievement 2 : Basic Security on Steem so they are at least know the difference between keys they have received after signing up and the importance of keeping their master password and private owner key safe offline.

It is great if they could finish all the achievements and eventually if they're interested in becoming Country Representative they can put it to good use all the knowledge they have acquired throughout the Newcomers Achievement Program by in turn mentoring newcomers to the program and grooming them to become the next Country Representative, and the process repeats and the next thing we know is steemian are already all over the world.

Thanks for this information. However, are there prices for anyone whop adds some more value to #the1000days of steem challenge? I do have some creative ideas to add spices to the game.

oho i missed season 1. i dont want to missed season 2. and am ready to attend . Thanks to @steemitblog

Thank you @steemit blog for this information. But i have a friend who have been dormant but it not up to 12months, maybe the time frame should be reduced a little, what do you have to say about it.

Excellent information and update, the rules are clear but sometimes we forget some things, for example in venezuela many places are not giving an invoice, nor tickes from the point of sale, one knows the amount but the proof is not in writing. @steemitblog

We are pending all the rules for the new season, the teams are already assembling

That is why in the rules of The Shopping Game it states...

We know smaller shops and markets may not give receipts, so they are not required to enter the game. But if you can get receipts please include them in the post.

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