1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 11 - Promoting Steem on Twitter - Let's Tweet Again Like We Did Last Summer

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An important part of the 1000 Days of Steem will be expanding our outreach and marketing.

One of the key elements of this will be working to improve the visibility of Steem in other social media.

The obvious starting point for this is Twitter.

Through various initiatives last year Steem had begun to gain some profile on Twitter particularly through community activity. For obvious reasons over the last six months we stepped back on that platform.

Now we feel the time is right to begin rebuilding our presence on Twitter to let the world know about all the new activities on Steem like The Diary Game and The Shopping Game.

Steem on Twitter - How You Can Help

You may have noticed the Steemit Team has been putting out many more tweets recently.

However for a global crypto social platform the @steemit account has a relatively modest following of only 104,000.

So we are looking for the community to help 'amplify' the message.

It would be great if all of you who are on Twitter would follow our account and like, comment on and retweet our tweets.

The second way you can help to give Steem more visibility on Twitter is to tweet out your own posts, and those you like from other Steemians. Make sure you use appropriate tags for topic and country.

Thirdly look out for opportunities to mention Steem in responses to other people's tweets.

But only do so when it is appropriate and directly relevant to their tweet. Don't spam about Steem.

The Steem Twitter List

We will be looking out for those people who are promoting Steem on Twitter and giving out some reward upvotes to the most active.

But we don't know all your Twitter names.

So we want to start a list of Steemians on Twitter.

If you would like to be on that list please comment below with your Twitter name, what country you are in, and approximately how many followers you have.

We will maintain the list and post it from time to time.

It would be a great idea if you are on Twitter to follow other Steemians on Twitter - particularly those who are in the same country.

We hope you will join us in helping to promote Steem on Twitter.

Make sure you follow other Steemians and like, comment and retweet their tweets.

We will be looking out to reward a few of the most active of you.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.


@steemitblog @steemcurator01, we really need to win over Twitter, there are many participants who know the world of cryptocurrencies.
If each Steem member shares their posts on Twitter, as well as retwit other members, then this carousel will help promote Steemit better.

My account on Twitter @1montagne1,

Excuse me, please checking a post of Russian Community, if you have the time:

True if everysingle steemains start promoting
steem on twitter by self or helping with
Steem twitter community, it will a huge
Win of us ...we will be able to bring new
People and bring new investor.

I totally agree, if we all share our post on Twitter it will bring more attention to our community. Don't forget to use important #hashtags when posting

Hello beautiful kind-hearted steemian, I'm on Twitter as @cryptokannon
currently with 81 followers, and residing in Japan. I have followed @steemit there and often likes/retweet their twitter post, I hope to see more steemian on twitter doing that too. We need more activity and presence on twitter. Let's go!

I am all in for this great marketing strategy. I have been thinking of this twitter strategy for quite some time and now here you are making an announcement about it. I am excited about it.

Here is my twitter handle: https://twitter.com/Yohanonyeli
I have 337 followers.

Country: Uganda

Tweeter @yohan2on 002.png

Are we permitted to link to our twitter accounts from SteemIt, or are we only allowed to link from Twitter to Steemit?

Section 14.1.7. of the SteemIt Terms of Service states:

14.1.7. [Steemians are not allowed to] Use our services to promote third-party platforms or to promote each other without our written permission.

This sentence appeared a few months ago and has me baffled. Users should comply to the ToS of SteemIt and any other applications that they use.

For obvious reasons over the last six months we stepped back on that platform.

That obvious reason being pretty intense hostility from Hive partisans. I think it's only fair to warn people that they may face such a thing themselves if they're tweeting Steem-positive things. (The block button is quite useful, however.)

I as a social media user strongly agree with the statement from @steemitblog to promote @steem on social media like Twitter or the like.
Find me on Twitter


Most people who were promoting Steem on Twitter previously are probably promoting Hive there now.


Hi Steemit.

I am a new subscriber.
So I can't understand what should subscribers do on Steemit?


@salokhiddin hi welcome to steemit! Usually, a newcomer will post #introduceyourself post so the community knows about them and guide them through. We have a community for newcomers here and a program where you will go through a series of achievements and completing some tasks so you get to be familiar with steem ecosystem. For a start, please checkout this post here

You can earn in steemit through creating content that bring value to the community, and when you curate or like/upvote other content here, you get 50% out of the post payout at the end of 7days of that post being posted in steemit. But the rewards depend on how many steem power you have in your account, the more steem power you have, the more curation rewards/upvote rewards you get from the post payout. Another way to earn is by delegate or rent/lease your steem power to other users and they pay steem token daily to your steem wallet. You can lease your steem power at dapps like dlease.io or steem community offers leasing services too, I have used some of this services, let me know if you wanted to know more, I can suggest you some of the good one with better return of APR that up to 20%APR.

Yes on promoting steem in Twitter platform is really good idea. I also promoting my post in Twitter also.

Hear is my profile link and coming from India



Yeah ! This will really help to promote steemit platfrom for the digital population throughout the world.
I will sure help .. I got around 5000 twitter followers ..
My twitter user name: @mileswithsmiles

Cuenta Twitter:

680 seguidores


this is a great step from Steemit Team as this milestone will create an avenue for steemians like me who are just new. Great work, please continue.

My tweeter handle is @olambob
I have 15 followers

hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 I am from Indonesia, I often also promote my posts on Twitter, this is my account address:



Ini merupakan nama twitter saya, setelah memposting #the1000daysofsteem, saya coba menshare di akun twitter.


Twitter is a great platform to promote steem. great idea

Yes. A great idea for someone advertising with the hive url. All very logical..

As a true steemian, I will be happy to support you fully.
Enliven Twitter to bring steem back to the moon.
@steemitblog , @steemcurators,@steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02
It's my pleasure to help! Thank you the kind words and support!


Hello, top of the morning to you.
I feel this initiative is a really great one and I have been playing my part in driving this and with this new direction, I feel steem and Steemit will accomplish more.

On that note, here is twitter handle: @mr_lebey
Twitter profile link; https://twitter.com/mr_lebey?s=09
Country: Nigeria
Screenshot of page

Also, I publicly announced a change in membership of the #9jafive team pertaining to the diary game coming up in August.

The information can be find in this link below;

Proof of promotion on Twitter


I share all of my steemit's posts on twitter.


Good Idea Promoting Steem on Twitter.'

I would like to be a part of this amazing growth to steemit, here is my Twitter handle https://mobile.twitter.com/01_oluwatobi

I currently just have 12 followers but I am certain it will increase because I will be more active there and I am from Nigeria.


I am on Twitter at @kadyshev




Your URL (valerianis.me) are KO 🤏



#steem On ! ♨♨♨ 💙F💙O💙R💙EVER !

Buen dia familia... Aca coloco las diferentes redes sociales que uso.... por no tener teléfono celular, estoy limitado a tres redes por ahora...


German Theatror Zerpa https://www.facebook.com/theatror.MetalWarrior

german_theatror_zerpa https://www.instagram.com/german_theatror_zerpa/

Quien quiera contactar por esos medios... estoy a la orden... solo comenten que son de la familia steemit...

Siguiendo ya a @steemit @steempostvote @steemnetwork

Gracias por el apoyo.
Hasta la próxima...

I understand the power of Twitter that’s why I joined Twitter recently to promote steem quiet active there.
I share my post there time to time.
My Twitter profile name is steemian sumit
Here is link to my profile:-https://twitter.com/SteemianSumit

Country :- INDIA
followers:- at this time only 4 but I started from zero, hope soon there will be more

this is my twitter account.


don't forget to visit @steemitblog ☺️

Hola @steemitblog buena idea de marketing, mi cuenta de Twitter es @yurilaya tengo 473 seguidores... ya estoy siguiendo @steemit ;)

I share all my steemit's posts on twitter. Twitter is a great way to promote steem. My twitter account- https://twitter.com/MDToufiqurRah17


I created a post about we the Steemit community promoting the team on twitter in three other languages I.e Chinese, Spanish and Bengali.

Below is the post link; https://steempeak.com/hive-185836/@lebey1/1000-days-of-steem-promoting-steemit-on-your-twitter

Here is the tweet link: https://twitter.com/mr_lebey/status/1286328515063840769?s=19

@Georgedezent is my tweeter handle and I have 21 followers.

I'm from Nigeria.

Check out Asian George (@Georgedezent): https://twitter.com/Georgedezent?s=09

Hi! Sigo la cuenta de Steemit desde hace un tiempo, pero no tenía activada la campanita y el algoritmo de Twitter no me mostraba las actualizaciones. Ya lo hice! De haberlo hecho, me habría enterado a tiempo del challenge. Pero aquí estoy.

No tengo seguidores, honestamente, no hago nada para ganarlos ni me interesa. Uso Twitter para aterrorizarme y ver cómo los seres humanos intentan matarse entre si. Quiero estar atenta, antes de que vengan por mi. 😀😃😄😁😂

Tengo 299 seguidores. Estoy en Venezuela. Mi usuario @thaishps

Hi! I've been following Steemit's account for a while now, but I didn't have the bell activated and the Twitter algorithm didn't show me the updates. I already did! If I had, I would have found out about the challenge in time. But here I am.

I have no followers, honestly, I don't do anything to win them and I'm not interested. I use Twitter to terrorize me and watch humans try to kill each other. I want to be vigilant, before they come after me. 😀😃😄😁😂

I have 299 followers. I'm in Venezuela. My user @thaishps

Translation using https://www.deepl.com/translator

Unida desde ya a esta fabulosa campaña! Gracias por la motivación y entusiasmo para llegar a más personas.

That will be a great strategy @steemitblog it will help promote the knowlegde of people about steemit ;

Just like when i marketed steemit on my facebook and watsapp page, comments were coming in and i realised most people has not heard of steemit and as they saw my post, they were interested to know more and that helped me in recruiting members who are yet to register although one of them has registered but she is not too active but i am working on her by following her up immensely.

The idea is very nice

Twitter will hear of steemit

I'm on Twitter like: https://twitter.com/Cristotamez It is a great idea and I will support promoting Steem in any way. Great job team of steemit.
Im from México!

¿Eres el que andaba metido en lo de la Radio? 👀

Si el mismo, un abrazo!

Buah! ¿Y les abandonaste definitivamente? Creo que yo, fui duro con los cambios. Se que alguna vez, le dije a la querida Avellana que Cervantes se estaba acercando a la gente de la radio, porque estaban destruyendo la comunidad que tenían detrás de ellos; y querían arrimarse al sol que más calienta. Jajajaja..

Que ha sido de toda esa gente? Supongo que uno o dos crecerían y el resto se fueron a la mierda?

Estoy casi 100% seguro de ello 👀

Twitter is the best way to reach out to masses.
We must focus on such platforms.
Here is my username @HandleOfVikrant / https://twitter.com/HandleOfVikrant
I am from India and I have 290 followers.
Also I have followed steemit account and has posted a tweet about the same. Will be doing that in near future to increase the reach.
@steemitblog @steemcurator01

My account on Twitter

I'm Italian and I have 4,155 Twitter followers.
I often promoted Stemit on twitter and now I'm happy if this activity of mine is recognized!

I am Lilia from Ukraine, my Twitter account @pilipetslilia20
I only have 60 followers, but I will be happy to develop Steemit on Twitter with you.

This is a perfect initiative. I have been thinking that this should be used. I have not been active with my twitter account for may years, but I will try to see if I can do something with it. I will surely be part of this.

Saya punya usul, bagaimana kalau setiap orang yang aktif di steemit saat ini untuk membuat sebuah postingan di steemit tentang akun twitter mereka dan menceritakan sedikit tentang dirinya di Twitter, menggunakan #twitter sehingga kita mudah melacaknya. Dan @steemcurator01 bersedia mengkuratori mereka.
Ini akun Twitter saya


Hello beautiful family, Edwin from #Nigeria here, and i'm on #twitter as @edwinifeanyi82 with almost 800 followers. Feel free to holla at me over there 😁

My Twitter handle
Check out Bon~express✈️🚀 (@BeckyOgoke): https://twitter.com/BeckyOgoke?s=09

I'm from Nigeria and I have 6 followers.
Please I would love to follow more steemians


This is great way Steem can be loudly heard through out the World. My pleasure for this engagement on Twitter movement. Thanks very much for this opportunity:

Now, my Twitter link;

Country: Ghana

Followers: 49


Say no more. I am on twitter

@steemitblog @steemcurator01

My account on Twitter @elgranpoeta:


Currently with more than 4000 followers 😁


프로필을 수정했습니다. 스팀잇을 소개하는 글도 올렸습니다. 제 팔로워는 1,600명입니다. https://twitter.com/naha77

My Twitter username is https://twitter.com/bitcoinroute
My list of Steemians: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1286506059339833344?s=20

I have 1013 followers.

It is a very good idea to organize content on other networks, the impact is potential.

#Spanish 👇

Mi usuario de Twitter es https://twitter.com/bitcoinroute
Mi lista de Steemians: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1286506059339833344?s=20

Tengo 1013 seguidores.

Es una muy buena idea organizar los contenidos en otras redes, el impacto es potencial.

I am agree @vipnata.

If each Steem member shares their posts on Twitter, as well as retwit other members, then this carousel will help promote Steemit better.

Though I am very new in twitter.


Twitter one of great platform promote steemit



@steemitblog @steemcurator01, we really need to win over Twitter, there are many participants who know the world of cryptocurrencies.
If each Steem member shares their posts on Twitter, as well as retwit other members, then this carousel will help promote Steemit better.

My account on Twitter @1montagne1,

Excuse me, please checking a post of Russian Community, if you have the time:

Hello @steemitblog @steemcurator01

I am on Twitter as shortsegments
I live in the USA
I have 133 followers.
I think this is a great idea.

My name is sardar-sani on twittrr..

Great to know about the re-starting on the twitter platform:
I'm following the Steemit account from:
@ma_canto, I have 609 followers.

Best wishes for the initiative.

Hola @steemitblog es una excelente idea para promocionar la plataforma. Mi cuenta de Twitter es @mariatornero60 tengo 4.198 Siguiendo, y 1.192 Seguidores Me uní en marzo de 2010, siguiendo @steemit

Mi cuenta facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marias.tornerop

Yes on promoting steem in Twitter platform is really good idea. I also promoting my post in Twitter also.

This is great and being that I'm still a few days old on steemit but i have a good following on twitter, i just followed @steemit cant wait to meet the community and also cant wait to hype and promote with passion. My twitter handle is https://twitter.com/TheKachi I live in Nigeria and i have 4,800 followers approximately, please add me to the list.

I like this initiative, for some time I have been giving my support to the steemians publishing on my twitter some publication that I like and of course I also publish mine, I follow the twitter account of @steemingcurator and he knows what I am talking about. My twitter account is https://twitter.com/Victoriaxl1 thank you very much.

Hola mi usuario de twitter es @eviscardoza cuento con 112 seguidores y soy de Venezuela

@steemitblog @steemcurator01, Siempre he pensado que fantástica idea compartir tus publicaciones, ya sea en steemit y mas aun fuera de ella, te promocionas tu y promocinas la plataforma, saludos.


I’m on Twitter as @boldnitalics

It is very good idea to promote steem and I already share my steemit post on Twitter. It is great way to promote steem. You check my 800+ followers Twitter account , I already tweeted my steemit post
My Twitter account: https://twitter.com/anikearn7

اني في أتم السعادة بحصولي على حساب ستيميت اتمنى أن استفيد من منشوراتكم.

Hi, my twitter name is: @MatiasIturbides

What do I need to do to restore my account to its previous state?

Twitter @vCareUdaipur from India.

Now voted. You had not included #theshoppinggame as one of the tags.

Please make sure you include #theshoppinggame as one of the tags otherwise we will not see your post.

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