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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - Mid Season Break - August 26th - August 31st

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Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Congratulations on the great success of the Diary Game!

I would like to help you with keeping up with daily diary posts. I have created an account @steemitcurator01. It is following the daily diary upvotes of 12 of the Country Representatives.
It will automatically upvote the posts they upvote. It is currently paused.
It will not start working until you delegate it SP. I think this account will upvote good content a small amount and reduce complaints. Then there would be less pressure on the @steemcurator01 team every day. Then your team can continue your current activity doing, but at a more relaxed pace. If you have questions or modifications to this plan, please contact me here by replying to this comment or on discord, where I am : shortsegments #8903

Thank you.






REALLY it's great to see some genuine people are there to help others and appreciated their efforts and work towards steemit.

Thank you for your supportive words.

I like your idea. It will reduce the workload of @steemcurator01.
You are doing great job in my opinion.
I'm new in steemit so i do not know much. I am just enjoying writing my diaries without any curation. 🤣

Thank you for commenting and supporting my idea.
It will help boost its visibility, so it might be seen.
I also appreciate the humor of your response. 😊

Thank you for the suggestion but it would not help.

People are only satisfied when they have been visited by @steemcurator01 regardless of who else has curated them.


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