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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : The Diary Game - Mid Season Break - August 26th - August 31st

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Hello steemit team.

Thank you very much for this initiative, I have been able to grow a lot in recent months thanks to you.

But I wanted to tell you that my team has lost a lot of enthusiasm and confidence since most of them have not received so much support (not a single vote from @steemcurator01), I fully understand that there are many users who are participating and it is difficult to support all of them, but we've already left dozens of comments and they still haven't seen us. And it's been 19 days since the initiative started

Thank you so much for your incredible effort, I would really appreciate if you could support my team. We are @team-roraima from Venezuela.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


Before we visit your team's posts, have you taken notice of the second part of this post?

Are you all voting and commenting on each other's posts?

Thank you very much for the answer, sorry for the inconvenience.

¡Yes!, we have been supporting each other since the beginning of the season, also today through our Whatssap group we agree and remind each other that we have to vote for each other and comment on all publications.

The team members are: @krisconkr, @manuelgil64, @elider11, @anasuleidy and myself @imagen

Hola, como puedo hacer parte de este equipo? Me gustaría unirme

Hola @biancalo, actualmente estamos completos, igual muchas gracias por las intenciones. Aún tienes chance para formar un equipo junto a 4 usuarios más. Muchos saludos.

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