Hypocrisy of GrumpyCat

Bunch of morons... I upvote them for visibility!

@GrumpyCat claimed that he is making the self upvotes for visibility, because @the-resistance team of minnows is downvoting him like hell with their total of barely 1 SBD voting power.

With this post, we agreed to play his game and declared that we stop downvoting, and

we stopped!

Now the latest situation is as below :

580 SBD of self-upvotes!

%88 of voting power is used for self-upvotes

As The-Resistance, we are not interested in your self upvotes.
You can upvote yourself as much as you want unless you hurt innocent minnows.

But we want you to eat this message in public!

This is Hypocrisy at the Top level !



He's been upvoting his comments WAY BEFORE we started fighting back and for much more than $26. He's visible alright and catching a lot of attention. Not only that, last minute upvotes too as reported here https://steemit.com/bots/@abusereports/last-minute-upvote-list-2018-04-27

It's time to Kick-Out these abusers who are no good to the steemit platform ;]

You got a 1.39% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @drakos!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

That argument needed testing. Thanks for sharing these unsurprising results. The snowflake compliant grade report card is as follows .. an A-plus for disingenuity, an A-plus for stupidity and an A-plus for hypocrisy. Well done, puss!

Surprise surprise, sometimes after a big round of flagging @grumpycat is so exhausted that she has no power left to upvote her work anywhere near what they deserve so she still upvotes at 1% for them not to get lost under a pile of spam comments.

These were "upvoted for visibility" only and you were censoring them.

What are YOU doing to limit the spam financing done by @honeybeee and @sneaky-ninja?

Oh look, @grumpycat's comment is super VISIBLE with $29.

Oh nooooooes, grumpycat censored my comment!!!!! I'm gonna cry like a baby now 😅🤣

It is no surprise for us. We already know your true nature.
This was a public demonstration.

Here is what you do :

  • Grumpy reports shows them all, you have a %75 self-upvote pattern
  • With this pattern you would normally be countered by other whales
  • To prevent this, you hide behind a mask of doing something good for community by attacking innocent minnows with your imaginary battle ( whales can counter )
  • You sometimes hit @haejin just as a tribute to other whales who should counter you.

For @sneaky-ninja or any other upvote bot, they never give a direct damage to minnows.
It is you and your way of dictating your self-imposed rules that hurts the people.