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RE: Hypocrisy of GrumpyCat

in #the-resistance3 years ago (edited)

Surprise surprise, sometimes after a big round of flagging @grumpycat is so exhausted that she has no power left to upvote her work anywhere near what they deserve so she still upvotes at 1% for them not to get lost under a pile of spam comments.

These were "upvoted for visibility" only and you were censoring them.

What are YOU doing to limit the spam financing done by @honeybeee and @sneaky-ninja?


Oh look, @grumpycat's comment is super VISIBLE with $29.

Oh nooooooes, grumpycat censored my comment!!!!! I'm gonna cry like a baby now 😅🤣

It is no surprise for us. We already know your true nature.
This was a public demonstration.

Here is what you do :

  • Grumpy reports shows them all, you have a %75 self-upvote pattern
  • With this pattern you would normally be countered by other whales
  • To prevent this, you hide behind a mask of doing something good for community by attacking innocent minnows with your imaginary battle ( whales can counter )
  • You sometimes hit @haejin just as a tribute to other whales who should counter you.

For @sneaky-ninja or any other upvote bot, they never give a direct damage to minnows.
It is you and your way of dictating your self-imposed rules that hurts the people.