GrumpyCat! You can't stop The-Resistance.


Today you have used an unproportional force over The-Resistance.
This is all you can do.
As you are told in The Resistance discord,

  • you can downvote us to dust.
  • you can hit all the members of the-resistance one-by-one.
  • you can apply all your bully methods on people that are determined to protect the minnows from you.

We want to give you one clear message :

We will not STOP until you stop hurting innocent people!

Today ,we have loss as all the resistance members
Are we afraid?
Not even a bit!

We will cry THE-RESISTANCE everywhere.
We will publish all your bully activities and ensure that it is heard!

  • Any single penny you take from an innocent, you will find The-Resistance!
  • Any of your self upvote, you will see The-Resistance!

And if we fall, someone will take the flag from where we fell and resist the bullies.

A last word for all the whales :


This menace should finish with a single word to @GrumpyCat from any of you but you just seem to watch.
Yes we are making a great show here!

You would just see the resistance discord, how people in need, from distant parts of the world are hurt because of @GrumpyCat.

How they plead to get back their hard earned money back.
Come to our discord and meet with people that @GrumpyCat calls "collateral damage".

Help us if you have a heart!

  • Don't give us money or SP...we dont expect it from you.
  • Just tell the GrumpyCat to STOP!


This post has been featured in Issue 29 of The Magnificent Seven, The GrumpyCat Edition.

Thank you for doing your part to make steemit a better place.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


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your post is very good.

Resistance is the natural human reaction to tyranny. It will always prevail, as long as humans exist and tyrannts oppress them. Resistance abates only in as much as tyrannts succeed in convincing people that what they are doing is good.

Keep up the good work. Each day we will grow stronger.

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