Why not on @vimm?

Great job today. Thank you for doing. Will be exciting to see the show grow. And as is with most things, we should always be mindful of the fact that if we know where things are going and believe in what we're doing, it's the early on parts of a process that can be the most special. I hope you're enjoying and I look forward to putting out some more thoughts tomorrow. Best - Joel

@Ned - Thanks again. ATB up and running live now on the Steem blockchain.👊😎

Another batch of fascinating books!

@ned why are not doing a VimmTV live at the same time? Support the team. I seen people do YouTube Facebook and VimmTV live at the same time.

He and his guys barely mastered to have Youtube running stable. The guys probably don't know about Vimm at all. Why should they care?

Great show. Thanks for getting my good side.

Do you expect any investor to take you seriously with that shit you are wearing?

That was a wonderful depiction of the rare megasoreass dinosaur. It was known for scratching the eyes out of its attackers and had sharp heals.

to be fair, zuck walked into vc wearing pajamas.

His hair is excellent though. I will give him that.

And to be fair Zuck is super smart and has an autistic-like charisma. He has neither. Even his guitar skills are mediocre.

Zuc is a lizard person wearing a people suit. Also, his hair is awful. It's like pubes on his head. How do you get that look?
walks into barber.
Barber- What can I do for you today?
Zuc- Fuck my life up
Barber- I got you fam.

Actually Zuckerberg has that mature college boy aura which Ned lacks somehow.
Maybe those livestreams are some good practice for him but he needs to get out and speak to real people from stages too.

Some things cannot be practised. Take for example Bill Gates. Go watch some videos of him from the 80s. The man was a natural geek. You either have it, or not.

if Zuck ran steemit, everyone here would make so much more steem... not. Will check out the recording after work. Hope things are good despite the market news

I think @ned should invest in pantsuits. They are all the rage with the kids.

I'd rather hear some riffs about "Destiny", ty

Ah I guess I missed it again

You didn't miss a thing.

He missed me.
phase 2.JPG

Yeah but even you've been pretty thin lately.

Yeah, we went through a rough phase. He paid someone to cut me but we are in counseling now.

I heard rumors. Some said it was a bald faced lie.

His face is pretty bald but I mean take that times a thousand and you have his manscaping skills.

I would like to know far less about that in the future. I'm holding out for improvements in his mansplaining skills.


The second camera needs some color adjustment.

Also I think you could benefit from cutting down on some background noise with either some sort of adjustment in the acoustics of the room or maybe a noise gate of some kind.

Not trying to pick this apart just giving some helpful suggestions.

Ned and team, just keep trying on the setup. I think next stream goal should be about logistics of the studio setup: switching from cameras to your screen etc. Btw when the switch happened to the camera right infront of the laptop, it got grainy and dark.

Do you have a separate monitor for the chat stream?

Anyway, try again soon!

Yes @ned we were excited to watch your second live streem. I would recommend adding some large monitors that you can view. Some pedal switches to give you more control. And a camera slightly behind you out of camera shot that could show the large monitors.
Dont give up we will hang in there.

I think it would be more personable if it were on a couch instead of behind a desk. Youhave to connect with the people on a different level.

Im curious where you got that pic from :) cough cough


Just kidding.

The center cam is just fine - no need to switch to the other ones as the quality difference is just so obvious. (Besides, I just don't wanna know whether you have a script for the stream or not. ;))
And that music is kinda confusing and not helping the content you want to provide. Check out Collen Ballinger for some vlog-like videos where guitar play suits fine. And then please focus on tech news OR guitar play and general chat.

Is this because it's a live-stream?

YouTube here I come...

Have you tried smashing your phone with a hammer? It always fixes my problems.

If only someone would make a Dapp that he could use.....................

It's because he doesn't know how to post HTML links properly.

Hey! I didn't get to ask any questions while you were live and wanted to ask is you all had any idea yet as to what criteria someone must meet to issue a SMT? Or is that still up in the air?

@ned.. You may want to take a look at your fengshui in the location of your office. Sitting in the corner may have significant impact on you and the organization. I'm not an expert but hey.. Just my 2 cents. 😁😁

You can’t Steem Video, bro! LOL

Don't condescend me @ned... This is a Meme!
I'm putting it here because it's like my business card.

I've always been open to speaking to you, even came on the @cryptoshow when you were there last year. I think you avoid talking to me MORE than you Avoid using your own Network to any reasonable degree. My "Work" is firmly invested on this Platform and I would appreciate better efforts on the part of STINC to participate more on delivering on Past Promises rather than making NEW ones that you cannot deliver on...


@andrarchy is NOT a remedy.

Take this as notice: there aren’t any promises here. There are goals. Goals aren’t met sometimes. Sorry.

Well keep movin them goals around then.
Good luck.

SteemIt SCAM.png

Hey Ned :D So I'm just wondering... when your going to enter Open Mic already?? :P

Who's the resident VisionARIES? seriously

Wish you the best .
Where were you when we built that latter to heaven

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It's a live stream I guess
Great Guitar

Great livestreaming! But what happens when the VALUE of 5,845 Steem Power hits ZERO? Will we be able to still vote effectively and earn? We are ALL losing our money. If we hit zero, nobody can vote for livestreaming! What to do, what to do. I'm at a loss for words.

Last week steem was 78. Now it is 49. Next week it will be 21. After that, it will be 4. Any suggestions?

Steem has been at 7c before and could do it again, crypto is risky and volatile, don't put in money you can't lose.

There will be a time when there's not enough Steem at low prices to satisfy the buyers. I'll buy on the way down, that's worked in the past, might not this time but I'm aware of that and I'm not using money I can't afford to lose. I can't see 4 cents happening but if I could buy at that price, that would be great, almost no downside. This isn't financial advice, I'm just telling you what I'll be doing, we all have to make our own decisions. I believe in Steem, the short term price doesn't matter to me much.

I see. I'm just so sad, that's all.

A good second go despite the tech issues. Keep this up! Diggin' this Smörgåsbord of a stream lol.

Hi @ned why don´t you use Dtube to livestream? Would make more sense than using youtube.

What's the name of your guitar? ❤️

Irony at it’s best?


I won't even lie I wasn't a fan of this dude but seeing him in this hoodie playing the guitar and having so much fun something happened to me. The guy is fun as fock lol. Where did you get this piece of art @ned? I am referring to your hoodie, of course!!!

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