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RE: Second Livestream!

in #the-bridge5 years ago

Ned and team, just keep trying on the setup. I think next stream goal should be about logistics of the studio setup: switching from cameras to your screen etc. Btw when the switch happened to the camera right infront of the laptop, it got grainy and dark.

Do you have a separate monitor for the chat stream?

Anyway, try again soon!


Yes @ned we were excited to watch your second live streem. I would recommend adding some large monitors that you can view. Some pedal switches to give you more control. And a camera slightly behind you out of camera shot that could show the large monitors.
Dont give up we will hang in there.

I think it would be more personable if it were on a couch instead of behind a desk. Youhave to connect with the people on a different level.

Im curious where you got that pic from :) cough cough


Just kidding.

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