1 year ~ 282 Followers ~ Steemit is AWESOME!

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Just a quick shout out and huge sincere THANKS to everyone who follows me and has enjoyed my blogs, my artwork, my photos, my gaming reviews and everything else I love to share. I started a year ago on Steemit but due to stressful work circumstances I pretty much stopped doing everything I loved for a long time. Now I'm back and loving life again and it has a lot to do with the support and reading blogs of many great Steemians and seeing how positivity can connect us all closer together around the world!


I know 282 followers isn't a big number compared with many other Steemians, but to me it is. It is more support than I have from "friends" on Facebook and each one of you means a lot to me and to growing the community. To be able to share with people is great and even if few are reading it is still more than any I've had in my life before Steem. I truly hope this platform grows to be one of the biggest in the world and unites people in a positive way like no other.


Massive thanks to @senseiteekay for introducing me to #Steemit. I know you've left for a while but hope to see you back on here soon. Also big thanks to @TeamAustralia. I am truly thankful every day for being lucky enough to be born in this great country.


282 followers is a great following. Quality over quantity as they say. I rarely frequent facebook, it is just a mess these days I think. I like your gaming reviews, they definitely bring back some good memories.

I dropped gaming in a big way over the last 3 years. I felt pressured into feeling like I should be more like an adult, given my jobs and responsibilities. It sucks, but I am back on it now, and as long as its not impacting my normal everyday life, I think everyone should do what they enjoy, even if others may not quite understand.

All the best mate, and hope you stick around :)

Thanks very much @strongerbeings for your comment and would be happy to follow you now as you're the kind of person I appreciate on Steemit :) I look forward to checking out your posts.

I dropped gaming for ages as well! I've got a PS4 and Xbox gathering dust but really got back into Steam games lately. You have to be responsible but there's always a few minutes to chuck on a game and feel like a kid again :)

Thanks for the inspiration to continue making these game reviews. I love it so much I'd do it even if just 1 person reads them. I put a lot of effort into it so if you do enjoy them, check out my new review and if you would like to Resteem I would appreciate the share :)

Killing Floor 2 review

Definitely will mate. You do a great job.

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