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Warning: This amateur games review is written by a part-man, part-monkey who has a tendency to drop F-bombs and the occasional derpy insult. If you are easily butt-hurt and cry yourself to sleep while hugging your Mumma's breast you should proceed at your own risk.

Available on: PC, PS4 and XboxOne

Quick review:

Killing Floor 2 is an FPS shooter developed by Tripwire Interactive. KF2 can be played individually against bots or multiplayer using cooperative teamwork to eliminate increasingly difficult waves of zombies or Zeds as they are called in this game.



Killing Floor 2 is based on a bio-tech firm creating military clones gets hijacked by some crazy mofo who releases them to run riot. To be honest the storyline is pretty pointless and really the fun lies in just shooting the crap out of waves of various enemies.


The graphics in KF2 are freakin' awesome and each enemy, weapon and level is clearly crafted by a team of expert artists with a passion for horror and no doubt enjoy scaring the crap out of kids at Halloween. The variety of the Zeds is impressive from smaller spiderlike creatures to large imposing freaks with swinging wildly with swords for arms. Each enemy fits the frightening tone of the game and can often make you jump out of your chair when they come screaming up behind to cut your head off. The levels look scary and have traps to help take out the hoards. There's nowhere to hide so you are always on the edge of your seat. I often found my heart thumping and getting myself fired up to lay a whooping on the freaks but just as often found myself running away like a bitch. They can always catch you though. You can't run... you can't hide... you can't get your Dad, Uncle and big Brother to bash them... they will catch you and chew your limbs like a doggy toy.



The graphics and gameplay are exceedingly excellent and the sound goes even one better. The terrifying screams of the Zeds and BOOM when the next wave starts really gets you pumped for the oncoming attack. Each enemy has their own screams, voices and other sounds so you eventually learn who is coming to make you their next meal. Weapons sound perfect from the blasts of the RPG rocket launcher to the seering flames of the flamethrower. Turn the lights down, grab a pair of headphones and crank up the volume for this one.



The gameplay is just as you'd expect from a zombie killing multiplayer cooperative FPS game. Fast n' freaky! Nothing really new here but what it does it gets done really well. There are 10 Perks (classes) to choose from, Berserker, Commando, Gunslinger, Sharpshooter, Support, SWAT, Firebug, Demolitionist, Survivalist and Field Medic. Each class has strengths and weaknesses against different Zeds as well as a variety of different weapons to suit that class and can upgrade their levels to increase abilities. The cooperative aspect of the game is lots of fun when your team players take on various roles. Most people seem to choose Demolitionist or SWAT just to get the most kills but if you're a team player you won't care so much about your score and play the way it is intended as a functioning team. Practice various roles and note that if you're left without a medic on your team you may find yourself easy dinner for the Zeds.



I personally think this is one of the best co-operative multiplayer FPS games I've played since Left for Dead. If you're into zombie slaying and working as a team to get shit done then you'll really dig this game. I would say the biggest downfall in my opinion is you tend to stick with a few classes instead of trying new ones as you always feel like a bad ass at higher levels rather than teaming up as a noob with a level 0 character. It is worth investing time into leveling up each character though as they are all lots of fun with their different styles. There's quite a few official maps but they do get repetitive so the replayability lacks a bit in that department. Thankfully with free DLC maps and community created maps it definitely makes up for it.

Is it worth a buy? DAMN RIGHT IT IS! Get it now and enjoy the free Christmas DLC maps and hilarious but frightening enemies.


Did you like this review? What review should I do next? Did you think this review sucked and I should go die in a hole like a lonely no-soul ginger? Leave a comment below!

Space Ginger is by no means a professional game reviewer. This review is brought to you for fun and not to be taken seriously. Having played video games for 30 years I have experience to share and a massive amount of love for the video game industry and community. My mission here is just to share my thoughts and maybe introduce you to some amazing virtual experiences while helping you steer clear of steaming piles of shit. GAME ON!


Holy crap this game looks intense. Co-op zombie games are great! The last one I played was left for dead, and it was great being jump scared by monstrosity and being heroicly saved by your mate. (And even more hilariously when they abandoned me when there was no hope). Good stuff mate.

Haha yeah heaps of abandoning your team mates in this game. Should check it out when you get a chance, it's a bit repetitive but still super fun.

Well made review, thanks!
Followed u.

Thanks! I really appreciate it. I'll check out your blog too and follow along if you've got some great content :)

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