A Thanksgiving Steem Scavenger Hunt

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow! My family has had a tradition for years of sharing our gratefuls at the dinner table. It's always the most prominent on Thanksgiving because that was my mother's favorite holiday.

My gratefuls

I feel blessed to be working on a paradigm shift towards a society based on the values of Peace, Abundance, and Liberty.

I feel blessed to be part of an incredible group of people called the Minnow Support Project.

I feel blessed to be a witness on the Steem platform.

I feel blessed to be in good health.

I feel blessed to have a family and a home.

I'm a lucky man with a exceptional work ethic.

I'm grateful to call Steem my digital home and grateful you let me be a part of this community.

Scavenger Hunt

To celebrate I want you to do a quick scavenger hunt.

  1. Resteem this post (I'll return the favor later)
  2. Start a post (extra props if you use mspsteem.com and use the tag mspsteem)
  3. Write your gratefuls
  4. Tell anyone in PALnet a reason why you like them or why you are thankful for what they do. Take a screen shot and put it in your post
  5. Vote a Witness (it can be anyone). Take a snapshot of your vote while looking at steemdb.com/@yourname.
  6. Find a random minnow and upvote their post and leave a friendly comment. Take a screenshot and put it in your post.
  7. Link your post in the comments below.
  8. I'll resteem your post.
  9. I'll send you 10 steem.


mspsteem.com is a clone of the steemit.com website except run by @netuoso of the Minnow Support Project and it has a 5% beneficiary to @minnowsupport.


Hmm... Between this and Bernie Sanders' "free upvotes for all" competition, a person could really clean up!

I could bring the broom. Hugs!!!

I like the initiative, I will participate! :)

Good step and stay blessed always @aggroed

Wishing you and your family a great Thanksgiving!
I am grateful for all you do!

Thank you for this scavenger hunt!!

Here is my participation


Happy Thanksgiving, @aggroed! Thank you so much for all that you do for us minnows over at the @MinnowSupport Project! I truly appreciate you so much.

KAOZthanksgivingpostcoverphoto.jpg https://steemit.com/thanksgiving/@rodeo670/happy-thanksgiving-from-kaoz-my-expression-of-gratitude-immortalized-on-the-steem-blockchain

Mr. Mayor, I'm in a thankful mood and this post really resonates with me today. Just the simple act of telling someone that you appreciate what they do can go a long way.
Great Idea!


@aggroed, I really appreciate this challenge. I have so much to be thankful for.


I honestly wish people would wake up and stop celebrating the genocide of Native Americans.

I don't believe people here on Steemit are naive enough to have that bias blvckmoneysteeze. While I am saddened about the eventual genocide, I don't feel like this is what we are celebrating at Thanksgiving. We are celebrating a time before that genocide began to occur, when the pilgrims had reason to give thanks to the native americans and celebrated the harvest. I do support the renaming of Columbus Day as Native American day and I also support the protest against the NAPL.

So many blessings u have @aggroed
To have your favour kindly tell me i have to follow all the 9 steps or any one step

well, some of them are things I do. But yeah, do the whole thing!

I have resteem your post .i am new here i dont know how to do all the stuff ..

Resteem is the little arrow thing near the reply and edit button. If you're new you'll resteem me to 10 people. In return I'll resteem you to 6700.

I have resteem your post sir @aggroed how to get your resteem

Finish the contest. Look at examples below

Wow great job, definitely join. Thanks, resteem it. Wish you a very beautiful time ahead.

Happy American thanksgiving (we had ours in Canada last month)

waw .. you are amazing you are in the blessing and you are already successful in steemit site and now want to celebrate your victory is really extraordinary you according to me .. and I want to enter in your event

Hay sir it's really great to know about you and what are you doing , I like your post and the gratitude you put for this platform. I also want to be an important part of this community, so I am trying to do my best, but I think I am lacking somewhere, plz do help me be suggeting the right direction .
I like your post so I Had upvote and resteem your post .

And sir as I said I had resteeme and upvote your post .. here is my post link....

This post has received a 8.03 % upvote from @buildawhale thanks to: @aggroed. Send at least 1 SBD to @buildawhale with a post link in the memo field for a portion of the next vote.

To support our daily curation initiative, please vote on my owner, @themarkymark, as a Steem Witness

This scavenger hunt has brought me great joy, thank you for hosting it.

I have resteemed your post and upvoted it sir. I've also made apost here from mspsteem.com . Here's the link :) https://mspsteem.com/mspsteem/@creatovert/thanksgiving

And Happy Thanksgiving @aggroed

waw .. you are amazing you are in the blessing and you are already successful in steemit site and now want to celebrate your victory is really extraordinary you according to me .. and I want to enter in your event

I am very grateful to be following this birthday and I have posted a few words of my gratitude and I am very grateful to @aggroed

Resteemed your post @aggroed and upvoted u as well

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Thanks post information

appreciate this

I am very proud to be able to participate this contec.terimaksi has given a chance


Thanks for the fun scavenger hunt @aggroed! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


@aggroed thanks for the challenge! It was fun and worthwhile!!
I think I got distracted and sidetracked 5 times once I got on Palnet, but I did it!!!
Here is my crazy, fun, thankful post of gratefuls:

Happy Thanksgiving to all Steemians. Nice Scavenger Hunt, I am fairly new to steemit and this is a great way to share love on the platform.

I think I went through all the steps. Not sure. But anyway, thanks for the event. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


A really nice article my friend, it contains most of the things I hold dear to my heart, well worth a resteem, thanks.

Doing this, felt good. I am glad I participated! Happy thanksgiving all! :)

Thanksgiving - Share you Gratitude



Up vote me

Thanks @aggroed.

Question, what is mspsteem.com? Looks just like steemit.

@aggroed I’m late to the party! But I loved reading your grateful list. Gratitude is the foundation of a blessed life! Happy Thanksgiving!
I’ll check out your MSPSteem.com project too - sounds exciting
Perhaps you’ll run another event for Christmas - maybe an Advent Calendar, Twelve Days of Christmas, or a Christmas Eve scavenger hunt

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