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Thank You All


No artist is any good if there is no one to appreciate his/her work.

Thank you all for your support till now.

You may ask, 300 odd is not any great a number to boast about, then why am I writing this post? But I would say-to answer that; every single person who has supported me till now is supremely important for me & your presence has been a kind blessing. :)

I have also completed the challenge of posting at least 1 post per day, through out the month of August and today with this post I complete that challenge as well.

Trust me, it hasn't been easy going, as after spending almost 14 hours in the traffic and office, writing a post becomes a magnanimous task.


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Wow, one more feather in your cap @vinyprop. Pat on your back and a huge round of applause for you. Well done!!!

Thank you @vidyabanjan

heartily congratulation bro... best of luck ....

Thanks mate.!!

Well done viny you did a great job.wonderful stories of ordinary people in extra ordinay frames .keep on writing

Thank you so very much for your ever so kind and encouraging words. ☺️

great job bro...I also targeting to do something as u..so please keep supporting,
..now I started follow u

Thank you

Upvoted! Nice Congrats!

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Thanks ☺️

Nice challenge, should do it myself as well :) Congratz on 300 friends and potential partners.

Thanks @flowily.

Interesting read! I can see your account is somewhat new but this was a good post. I just upvoted you for this as you deserved it and maybe upvote some of my stuff too!
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great job bro...I also targeting to do something as u..so please keep supporting,
..now I started follow u thanks for you