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RE: Thailand Tourism Minister puts foot in mouth about Coronavirus

My girl and I are planning on flying back to Thailand from Danang in about two weeks, spend a little time in Bangkok then go island hopping. I heard the numbers and outbreak of cases are total BS in Bangkok and Thailand in general. How bad do you think it is? Should I be concerned about catching I like to call it, the WOOOOHAN!

I'm thinking Bangkok is the place most likely to catch it if things are actually on the rise there. United Arab Emerits just banned travel to Thailand for their citizens due to the virus. Do they know something we don't. What do you think?


i tend to not worry about these kind of things because I have fantastic insurance that pays me more money than I actually earn if i am ever hospitalized. Therefore, since the recovery rate is pretty good if you do contract it, I have taken exactly zero precautions. Plus as long as my dog gets taken care of if Woohan! does get me, at least I don't have to pay taxes anymore!

In all seriousness, I wouldn't expect the government to be honest about anything. I think UAE might be reacting to the virus the same way that Thailand did to it by closing flights to / from any country that has a population with Chinese heritage.

But who knows? Maybe more information will come out in the next couple weeks.

I need some insurance like that! haha. Treatment for almost everything is so cheap in this part of the world I'm not concerned either. The only precautions I've taken is to change our destination to Danang and fly out from there instead of Hanoi, that was just after they locked down that town 40kl outside of Hanoi. I got nervous if it was going to spread in Vietnam it would go to Hanoi first. In fact I just heard that all 16 of 16 cases i Vietnam have been cured. If you can believe that......

On another note I heard that Kuwait just prohibited it's people to go to Thailand also. But whatever.....The gooddream's opinion is what I asked for. Thanks for sharing. I'll be in touch!