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RE: Thailand Tourism Minister puts foot in mouth about Coronavirus

in #thailandlast year

He should have said the virus was specifically made to target East Asians so South East Asians should be safe. That would have been more convincing. For certain reason, viruses do spread quicker in colder climate and in more densely populated cities such as in China. The reason Canadians and Scandinavians are not affected too much as they enjoy living further apart from each other - spread out. If one dies alone in one's home due to old age, burglary, accident or whatever, probably the body will only be discovered like a month later. You get the idea. When Scandinavians are in public transports, they sit like at least a meter away from each other. It's frown upon to sit next to another Scandinavian when there are empty seats around.


i'm sure that what you said in the first sentence is something he has considered. I wonder if his advisers are sitting in the wings just like "oh my god, stop talking!!!"

I'm with the Scandis on this one, I always look for empty seats and rather than sit next to a stranger on a train or something I will often just stand :)

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