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RE: Celebrating End of School Term!

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Hello! We just wanted to take minute to introduce ourselves! We are a manual curation service that provides upvotes twice a day to our members in exchange for their delegation.
We have a variety of tier levels to support all levels of Steemit users including those who don’t have any SP to delegate yet.
Our goal is to support and help build the steemit community through our curation by providing users with a reliable and affordable service.

We would love for you to check us out HERE

Thank you so much for your time!


Thank you very much for your info @thundercurator, I will check it out.

Awesome! Thank you so much! And if you have any ideas on ways we can improve we would love to hear them :) We also have a promo going on right now for a 100% upvote that you might enjoy partaking in.

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