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RE: How To Exchange 10 Altcoins Into Thai Baht?

in #thailand6 years ago

I have no power or would upvote 100X.

Thank you so much Michel.

I got to the point of them verifying me now over there. I got a random tourist to take my selfie and he was perplexed!

Please do not eat or sleep before making the rest of these tutorials. Keep 'em coming!



lol - I am waiting with baited breath..........
I'll sign up tomorrow a.m - ( I tried to avoid doing important things after 2pm... lol)

I wrote this tutorial with you in mind and I'm glad it's going to help many people. Part 2 should be tonight if I can go through it, it takes time to write... You will have everything by the time you are verified.

No pressure!!!

I hope I finally get to do transfers soon. The is sure a big issue for crypto. I did not come for that reason in March last year when I first looking at the place. Then Jerry got me here in June. I'm very thankful, but this is not easy!

I just posted part 2 and you will be able to do transfer fast for very very cheap.

Thank you! I I did not get my authorization yet - maybe because of the weekend.

how is the verification going?- We just signed up - using g/f's I.d. .. says 'within 2 hours'...

account approved already !!- wooohoo!!

I will send some litecoin and see if everything ok - in next hour or so ...

woohoo! Just now got it. Now I need to do the bangkok bank part. Praying and working on it!

thai bitcoin exchange verified.PNG

we just uploaded bank book - bank account approved ! more wooohooo's!

I need to calm down before i transfer some litecoin lol

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