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Two weeks ago, Steemit announced the launch of a "testnet" for community members, developers, and witnesses to test hardfork 20. The details are in this post.

For those who don't know what a testnet is, basically it is a parrallel version of the blockchain where everything is fake. Whatever you do there does not occur on the actual blockchain, so it is safe for people to test things without worrying about the consequences. (Just make sure you are connected to the testnet.)

Steemit is running an API node that people can connect to for tests:


They also have a condenser instance up and running for anyone who wants a GUI interface (similar to steemit.com):


Several of the witnesses are running seed nodes to help support the network infrastructure of the testnet blockchain:

p2p-seed-node = testnet.steemitdev.com:2001 # @steemit
p2p-seed-node = test.steem.house:2001 # @gandalf
p2p-seed-node = p2ptest20.followbtcnews.com:2001 # @followbtcnews
p2p-seed-node = testnet.steemviz.com:2001 # @ausbitbank
p2p-seed-node = velocity.steemtestnet.superawesome.roelandp.nl:2101 # @roelandp
p2p-seed-node = testnet.cervantes.one:2001 # @cervantes

Today I am announcing the addition of a new "Full" RPC testnet node:


The node has the following plugins enabled:

chain webserver p2p json_rpc witness account_by_key tags follow market_history database_api account_by_key_api network_broadcast_api tags_api follow_api market_history_api witness_api condenser_api block_api account_history_rocksdb account_history_api

With the following account history whitelist ops:

transfer_operation transfer_to_vesting_operation withdraw_vesting_operation interest_operation transfer_to_savings_operation transfer_from_savings_operation cancel_transfer_from_savings_operation escrow_transfer_operation escrow_approve_operation escrow_dispute_operation escrow_release_operation fill_convert_request_operation fill_order_operation claim_reward_balance_operation author_reward_operation curation_reward_operation fill_vesting_withdraw_operation fill_transfer_from_savings_operation delegate_vesting_shares_operation return_vesting_delegation_operation comment_benefactor_reward_operation

The node supports both HTTP and HTTPS


It also has support for cli_wallet connections:


Here are a few examples of it in use:


curl https://testnet.timcliff.com --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":0,"method":"condenser_api.get_account_history","params":["poloniex", -1, 10]}'


cli_wallet -s wss://testnet.timcliff.com
unlock "secretpassword"

There may be brief periods of time when the node is down due to periodic maintenance and testnet outages. I plan to maintain the node until HF20 testing is complete and HF 20 is live/stable on the main-net.

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I checked out the condenser version and didn't really notice anything very different honestly. Although, I also have no idea what I am talking about, haha


Well the main difference is that behind the scenes, it is pointing to the testnet blockchain, so nothing that you do there is "real".

And it is orange :)


Ahah yes it is very orange! That is true.

The first image looks like a great ray tracing challenge.


It is just a stock photo from pixabay.com

@timcliff! is there any benefit to this fake and parrallel version of blockchain, I mean 'testnet'.


It is a place where everyone will be able to test the hardfork 20 changes before they go live.

So nice to be following you and getting the inside technical scoop.

Any chance you could end the posts with a 1-sentence normie translation for us non-technical but interested folks?

Thanks again!


It wasn't at the end, but I did have this:

For those who don't know what a testnet is, basically it is a parrallel version of the blockchain where everything is fake. Whatever you do there does not occur on the actual blockchain, so it is safe for people to test things without worrying about the consequences. (Just make sure you are connected to the testnet.)


Ah yes I am in IT and I know what a test net is. When it got to the coding and what it meant and how we could help, I was lost.

Anyhow, good to know you are testing the next release!

Great post @timcliff..

Great news. Steem keeps innovating.

This is seems to be good . As a testnet steeit can find errors thats seems to be awesome.

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Does HF 20 allow fast sign ups? They have been hyped since April and I kind of lost track of when they are coming.


No, not directly. They just provide a lower cost option for account creation services to use.


It allows any witness to give away free accounts, at any time.

This feature is intended to allow witnesses to accept POW for accounts, but in theory any top-100 witnesses could give out accounts. For instance, a witness might accept USD, for them to create an account (which costs them nothing).


Damn that's intense just think of steem monsters and the $usd steem account creation fee in the kickstarter. Wow our lovely witnesses seen that one coming. 👏 @centerlink

Hi Tim it is possible to login on https://condensertestnet.steemitdev.com/ with "fake" account or we have to login with real account?


All of the real accounts from the actual chain will work on the testnet. If you have a ‘real’ account, you can use it to create ‘fake’ accounts on the testnet.


Well, I think my account is a real account... (Joking)
Thanks! :)

thanks @timcliff nice resource

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I hope the test phase shakes out enough bugs for the go-live to go as planned. We need some progress to show this platform is evolving.