Why I believe in steemit. Zuckerberg’s machinery took 2 years of my life.

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In case someone still has not learned the main lesson about Facebook, let me say it loud and clear – Facebook is a worthless shit that ever spread its tentacles over the Net. Period.

Facebook is full of disrespect for its users. We learned that hard way. Although my wife has a degree in anthropology and I have philosophy degree myself, we haven’t managed to find a decent job in our corrupted country . We also didn’t want to affiliate with some dirty political parties to make connections for a potential job. Thus, we came to an idea to check out what is the best method to make some internet profit. After a lot of tries and errors, we finally found some non-creative but more or less useful way to earn a little money to pay our bills.

So here we are, making galleries on a bugged software called Facebook! For a couple of years, Facebook turned out to be a very useful platform for us to make some earnings. But then Trump happened. His win makes Facebook owners feel like they’re gods on Earth. Let’s examine that step by step.

We made galleries on a third part application and connect them to Facebook with external links. Numerous times our pages had been unpublished (went down). Whole days we spent in building pages and making galleries trying not to make a single mistake which mismatches their rules. And after a lot of wasted lifetimes, we finally understood – there are no fucking Facebook rules. Your 150 000 followers big fan page can be unpublished just like that. When you politely ask for the explanation, all you can get is a monstrous blue Facebook dick wrapped up in insulting phrase for idiots which you get from bot, not from a human.
FB totally disrespect their users. Treat them as a cattle. Why? Because they CAN, and they don’t feel like they have any obligation to you. Facebook shows full disrespect of its users.


If we ask ourselves what the origins of this embarrassing trip are, we would notice that the main attributes we ascribe to God we can also attribute to FB.

a) All-knowledgeable. FB has all your data, know a very lot of things about you, so they think they had your balls and they are on the top of the world. That is the first reason they think they are gods. Omniscience is the first God attribute.

b) All-presence. Everyone has it. They are everywhere. In every home in everybody’s computer. In everyone’s cell phone. You bring Facebook through your life. So they think they’re omnipresent

c) Omnipotence. Zuckerberg thinks his platform can create and change history. Clintons tried to justify their loss, and accuse Zuckerberg of not being very cautious enabling false news that glorified Trump. And he believed it because he is a textbook example of an egomaniac. He believes he is in power to determine who wins and who goes down. But we know an idiot Trump wins because USA people were disappointed with previous USA administration in witch Clintons took one of the main roles. Not because of Facebook.

So, what is the possibility for a greedy mediocrity with weak moral capacities like Zuckerberg not to become convinced he is God on Earth? One of the facts supports this thesis is that narcissistic leader of Facebook wants to formalize his the most-important-man-on-the-world position by running for a president in the next USA elections campaign.


Now listen to this. Yesterday I learned that FB canceled all links related to STEEMIT!!! It brings a new dilemma on a daylight. I saw many people think FB feels Steemit as competition. That Steemit can somehow jeopardize FB project. I don’t know. I am not so sure Steemit can put in danger FB in this form and at this level. Steemit is not a natural replacement for FB. Unfortunately, Steemit is not a platform for birthday wishes and duckface selfies.
BUT… We know FB people are in some crazy delirium. Maybe in farseeing paranoia, they can truly predict danger Steemit could represent in more or less distant future. But they don’t see what is right in front of their eyes - the main Facebook enemy is Facebook itself.

What to say in the end. Our mission is just to spread the word. Go Steemit.

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If you live in a western country it means you have constitutional rights and also the UN human rights charta which both guarantee freedom of speech, expression, political beliefs etc.
No private person or company can take this away from us regardless of what rules they claim on their websites.
1 challenge in a supreme court and they will lose.

facebook will die probably this or next year to some new competitor, maybe its steemit :)

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