Time for A Test

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Well as I said last night I am stopping in for a quick test tonight. As I previously stated this is one of my favorite way to curate my allies. Just like always this is to support all my allies at my favorite steemit communities #thealliance #steemsilvergold and #metalsmafia. So lets get right to it.

As usual I want to see some pictures in the comments below. Then I will be back to drop some fat upvotes. Tonight I am going to make it super simple. I haven't been on steemit very much lately. So tonight I want to see a pic of something about steemit. Perhaps your favorite logo. I don't know surprise me. The more creative the fatter the votes will be!

Alright that's it. Now lets have some fun!!!

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....Buy Silver?




My ssg sticker, thanks to @summertooth


Looking good! Glad he made these up! I'll have to get a pic up of mine!


Looking good! Glad he
Made these up! I'll have to get
A pic up of mine!

                 - tyedyefirepower

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Gold Dragon_gold.png

The new steemmania : steemmonsters


gotta love gold! especially a gold dragon!

Here you go...


Thanks for playing!

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words to live by!


lol pants are always optional on steemit!